Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 1

Smoky mountain brioche, loopy of Dulkadir, Yalniz Kurt First Episode son of Ulaş Salur Kazan destroyed one hundred thousand enemies, but he did now no longer brag approximately saying “alpim, erim”. One day, Salur Kazan left his military and went searching alone.
When he were given near the region in which the lighting have been, he noticed an item like a hill. The seven earth universes stumbled upon a dragon. It turned into that dragon’s eyes that burned like torches in seven places. It turned into the saliva of that dragon’s mouth that turned into smoking thickly in seven places! It wouldn’t be prudent, he idea, to kill even as the cauldron turned into sleeping. He took an arrow from his quiver and threw it on the dragon, waking it up. The woke up dragon breathed hearthplace, burned the floors, took a breath, exploited the whole thing! Kazan begged God; He said, O Perverdigar, display me the manner to salvation, provide me strength.
He poured the 80 arrows from his quiver earlier than him and threw them one after any other on the dragon. The arrowed dragon had no greater to exploit, and it started out to die. With his robust black metal sword, the cauldron reduce off all seven of the dragon’s heads and dropped them to the ground.
I couldn’t deliver him to my knees. I turned into cornered. I idea the whole thing turned into over. Then… a wind blew from some distance away. Now there are sparks withinside the hearthplace this is approximately to move out. It’s a name! A name to best friend with the Lone Wolf and combat towards Goliath. Legend is reborn from the ashes. Father. Father. Shh… Come on. Come on, hop. Look, come forward. I am courageous. I’m happy with you. How courageous have been you? Not at all, I turned into very afraid. If you examine him.
I’m scared too. Why didn’t you shoot the wolf? You seemed into his eyes too, he had no hostility in the direction of us. Wolves stay in packs, however this turned into solitary. A lone wolf, seemingly expelled from his % or deciding on to stay alone. There turned into no risk to us.
If it turned into dangerous, you had a rifle, you’re more potent than him. you’ll kill him wouldn’t you? Power is dangerous, son. You want to recognize who to apply it towards. Besides, it wasn’t a sport animal that we may want to eat. So what occurs if we damage a creature that doesn’t damage us and kill it?
We’d be cruel, wouldn’t we? Look, If you operate your electricity towards a person same or more potent than you whilst necessary, you may be valiant. But in case you use it towards a person weaker than you, then you definitely turn out to be cruel. Use your electricity to shield the oppressed towards the oppressor. Mom, we noticed the wolf! My son won’t allow us to cross searching once more after your mother.
Hide courageous! My son! Love! How many valiant sons! How much! Come inner quick! Yigit run! Come on come on come on! Come on come on come on! Come on! Leave me! Leave! Leave! Leave! Leave! Leave! Quick! Quick! Quick! Get withinside the car! Come on come on come on! Love.

Yavuz! My son! Yavuz! Yavuz! My son! First Lieutenant Davut Bahadır. Command me, sir. There turned into a raid withinside the place of Yıldırımlar, Davut We don’t recognize the situation,



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