Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 8

Summary of Episode 7
Altay is in a Caucasus prison to complete a task assigned by Mira. Not knowing what awaits him in prison, Altai searches for someone he must save! In order to reach Number 5 and continue on his way, he must complete this difficult task. To do this, he takes all sorts of risks. While tracking Altai with a satellite link, Mira also tracks the Yıldırım project. Nizam, who has been in the spotlight for the assassination of Sezai Sirmen Pasha, awaits his new mission. The fact that he has been entrusted with duties in Altai Prison worries Nizam, and Saleh is also concerned about Altai’s disappearance. He can’t say it publicly, but he tries to locate Altai at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Doan is trying to get a cut in a deal involving Russia and France. Akif, transferred to the factory by Altai, is the beginning of his mission. Gunduz and Daut are thinking about what the supply of materials will be so that the Yıldırım project can continue.
Can we trust Urvi Pasha instead of Sezai Pasha? Meanwhile, can Urvi Pasha follow in the footsteps of the Seljuks and reach the Seljuk aluminum factory with his order “Yıldırım Project”? ?Will Altai be able to uncover this man’s secret or fall into a new trap? How does a lone wolf survive in the abyss of hell?


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