Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 7

Sergei Diapov. Life detainment. Unama War. 40 years hard detainment. Ali Yilmaz! Could it be said that you are Turkish? I’m Turkish. Welcome to damnation. Disregard the outside. There is an entry here. There is no exit. My one responsibility here is to keep you inside. For endurance, everything is free. In any case, on the off chance that you attempt to escape, you will chased without caution, without cross examination! There are two methods for getting by here. Above all else, you can be bested by great habits. or then again you get beat up. I ask! I need to live. If it’s not too much trouble, please, I need to live. You know, the failure passes on. Let the canines go. Help! If it’s not too much trouble, help me! I need to live! 27, 04, 41. Remember these numbers. Come on.
Our man is inside. Tell me when you get an image. Alright. Where Project Lightning is, it will before long be the location of a marvelous blast. A beautiful picture will show up. Assuming that Picasso were alive, he would need to lay out his image. I do n’t comprehend the reason why you’re getting me far from this activity. You moved Sezai Sirmen Pasha. It was boisterous yet clean work. He was valued. At this stage, In request for the variety of things to take care of without a hitch, I really want to plan. When will you illuminate? Bit by bit, Nizam.
The vital name of the activity is Ulvi Pasha. You focus on it. What circumstance would we say we are ready? I reached out to see you this evening. All is great. Delightful. One day a German official asks Picasso. Did you make this guernica painting? Picasso turns and answers the man. No. Indeed you did. Thank heavens I saw these days as well. God favor my business.


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