Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 5

Is there no Imam? I came. I needed to meet with Mufti Bey. Is this the cash? Imam Efendi had such an extraordinary blast that the groups of every one of our saints were broken. We were unable to discover some of them. The top of the departed, an arm, hand and foot were found from old scars. Find happiness in the hereafter. This is what the mufti was referring to with me. What is it that the expert mufti need, imam ace? It isn’t up to me to slight the spirit of the departed and you. Notwithstanding, to play out the memorial service petition, the entire body or a big part of it with its head should be found. I can’t lead the burial service petition along these lines. It’s absurd. What do you say, imam ruler? Mufti has a fatwa. Unthinkable.

He is the authority of the Caucasian Islamic Army of that size and that lies there. He is the incomparable Nuri Killigil Pasha, whose name was sung many walks from the enduring adversary occupation .
How might you say that the memorial service petitioning heaven ought not be performed? I’ve come three days’ excursion. Behind me are his large number of fearless warriors. They generally come. How might we cover him without petition? We should give proper respect to the final resting place of such an extraordinary leader, whose demise was obscure in his life, up to a hand . Unthinkable. There is nothing of the sort. My self can’t acknowledge something like this. Euzu billahi minesh-shaytanirracim.
ASELSAN was laid out quickly in 1975. Amazing open doors around then were exceptionally restricted, yet everybody buckled down. One of them is your dad, Yavuz Yä±ldä±rä±m. Yavuz was a savvy and inventive young fellow. God favor them both. He was basically the same as Adnan Kahveci.


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