Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 4

There are the people who feel that I am after power. The individuals who think like this are individuals of the world. Do I manage such little things? What do you call power? At 20 years old, I am the individual who arranged that I would topple him and set another person straight. Indeed. I’m your age. I didn’t focus on the expressions of the thoughtless individuals who needed to keep me from my way. I strolled on the correct way I know. You will do likewise. It is actually the case that you were followed until you arrived this evening. The facts confirm that you are continued in your school. It is actually the case that you are firmly followed up in the common assistance. It is right that you are focused on the records. In any case, God’s effortlessness showed a reality that could accept this multitude of bits of insight as though they were lies and shove them to the aside . Listen cautiously. Activity Huruaas started. In the pre-winter of this current year , before the finish of 1980, I trust Turkey will leave on another way.
You accompany me, fast. Run! They’re coming, child. Pick up the pace. It’s nearly time, father. Hi. Try not to stress dear. We’re leaving at present. You go down to the carport. How much is left? Wrapped up. You take my mom as well. Cheerful? I need to obliterate what’s left. I’ll find you. Father. Watch out. Pick up the pace, Day.
I’m exhausting this spot. I have the duplicate of the venture. Daytime obliterates the rest. Assuming anything happens to me, it really depends on you. Where could it during the day be? Coming. Come on, don’t wait. Try not to be apprehensive. I’m not apprehensive. What is composed on our temples is what will befall us, Cengiz. Come on, come on, don’t wait. There will be no base, corner, right or left. Is it clear to look all over the place? Please! Fast! Deceivers! Indeed, sir. How about we go folks! Come on please! Great morning brother.


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