Yalniz kurt

Yalniz kurt Episode 3

Review of episode 2
Altay is now evolving and in an illegal battle club he quickly defeated his strong American rivals. Esra, a woman who follow the club owner Doan, also came to see the fight that night, but she turns out to be one of the most enthusiastic roaming wolves. Ezra leaves Doan for her reason, kicking a bucket to a familiar person who grew up saying, “Fetta Dahak’s men are chasing a Lightning Venture,” to protect her little girl Ella on the spot. I passed by. Altay Kurtor saved Esra, who caused trouble when he left the point. Altay left Esra in the hut of the elderly man, who was the main character he entrusted with all of his daily life, and went looking for Esra’s girl Ella. Meanwhile, Ella effectively accepted asylum on behalf of Aunt Sardette, whom she and her mother had recently agreed to. Esra went to Saadet Teyze’s house to take her little girl, and every time she saw Doğan in front of her, she desperately returned to Doğan to protect her little girl. After Esla convinced Doan that she would flee to protect her girl from Nizam, the phone rang and Nizam took Doan to his “office.” While Doan went to Nizam to oppose him, Altay entered the house and fled with Ezra. Meanwhile, Esra was shot dead by one of Doan’s men. Altai was defenseless again, and when he took Esra to the hut of an elderly man, he realized that Esra had been shot, but the point of not returning was over. Reveal insights into Turkey’s recent history. It will cover coups, double crossings, murders, political upheavals, and illegal threats that have occurred since the American Harmony Corps first appeared in Turkey. The cast of the series that received special attention in the presentation includes prolific names such as Cihan Ünal, Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han, and Polar Bilgin.
What will be the next step of the fighters? How Altay will save himself from the enemies’ attack? What about the kidnapped kids? How they will be saved?


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