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Yalniz kurt Episode 2

Review of Episode 1
Davut Bahadır has lived in the forest for many years. When he was young, he served in the army, where he was awarded the title of Kumandan. Flashbacks into the 1960s show that the village was looted and the villagers were killed. The only survivors are two boys, Yavuz and Khalid. Davut vows to take them to an orphanage and retaliate for the death of his father, Kemal Yıldırım, who was the main target of the attackers. Davut’s investigation reveals a local man, Fettah Dahhak, as the main culprit who acted as an American agent for the state. Fetta’s grandfather was banished from his home village for treason, and Fetta now chose the same sneaky path. Kemal Yıldırım acted as an informant for state intelligence. Maybe he knew some secrets to Fetta that he had to sacrifice his life. A few years later, Kemal’s son Yaves grew up to be a man. While hunting with his little son Igit, he leaves a wolf unharmed. When asked why his son spared wolves, Yaves explained that lone wolves were not dangerous to them, and advised his son to always support the weak against the strong and not be a tyrant. To do. Upon returning home, several attackers kill Yaves and his wife, injuring the young Igit. The wolf escaped from Yavuz and saves Yiğit’s life by saving him from bad weather. When Davut visits the cursed house, Igit becomes unconscious. He takes care of the boy for a month and hands him over to the authorities after a successful test of courage. Altay appears in Ezra’s room, and they both flee from a tightly protected home. Esra intercepts the bullet during execution and dies when both arrive at Davut’s house. Altay goes looking for Ella, and Dubut fills her body. Altay leads Ella’s whereabouts and arrives at an abandoned building. There he is surprised to see Ezra pointing his gun at him. Meanwhile, Dubut vows to rejuvenate the fight against Fetta Dahak despite his past defeats.


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