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Uyanis Episode 34 Urdu

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33, Mitras and Hassan Sabah run away on the ultimate minute. Nizam ul Mulk thinks a person wandering inside the wooded area is Tajul Mulk and stopped him, however that guy is a health practitioner. Hassan Sabah tells Mitras now not to go to Kuvel and takes him to his cellar to cure him. Ali gets rid of his chains and comes out of the cave. The Sultan comes and help Ali. Ali says that Hassan Sabah is running with Mitras.

Sanjar offers to take both Sultan and Ali to the obvious for treatment. While telling Zubeyde that he turned into suspicious of Tajul Mulk, Nizam ul Mulk learns that the Sultan went to the apparent for remedy. Terken notices that Nizam ul Mulk is secretly following Tajul Mulk and sets out to the plain to see the Sultan. Hassan treats Mitras.

Meanwhile, the Kipchaks come to the obvious. Basulu is satisfied to see her brother again after years and hugs Baturalp. Baturalp talks to Sanjar and Tapar. Basulu asks Baturalp to get some relaxation, but he says he got here to get his sister. Melik Shah is amazed to hear this. Mitras says that the Kipchaks will stop Melik Shah for some time and the emperor will ship new infantrymen all through this time. Baturalp blames the Sultan for what befell to his sister.

Melik Shah says that nobody can take Basulu and alter his decision. Sanjar and Tapar try to alternate the choice of their uncle, but Baturalp says he’ll act according to the custom. Baturalp says that if he cannot take Basulu to Kipchak territory, he’ll summon his complete navy. Terken blames Basulu for what took place, however Zubeyde says that they have to defend Basulu irrespective of what happens. Melik Shah learns that Baturalp has arrested his squaddies, however comes to a decision to go there to save his soldiers while he learns that his sons are going to talk to him.

Tapar and Sanjar try and alter Baturalp’s selection and deliver him a day to think. The Sultan learns what his sons did and makes a decision to attend someday. The Fidai of Hassan Sabah dispatched to Baturalp’s years in the past comes and tells approximately what Sanjar did. Hassan Sabah plans to kill some soldiers of Baturalp with Seljuk arrows. Melik Shah realizes that there are a few problems within the Seljuk state and orders a constitution to be drafted to clear up them.

Terken asks Tajul Mulk to call the Karakhanid soldiers in order that Basulu does now not come to the palace. That night, Zubeyde tells Nizam ul Mulk that Terken would possibly create a new trouble and that she will comply with her secretly. Gevher says wrong and bad matters approximately the arrival of Basulu to the palace. Tapar can’t take it anymore and says he will now not stay inside the same room with Gevher.

While Turna is speaking to ladies who weave rugs, she learns that the Sultan invited Basulu to the palace. Turna sees that Basulu isn’t in the plain and tells this to Sanjar. Basulu goes to her brother’s tent and tells him that she can go back to Kipchak land with him. Baturalp is very happy about this and sends his military again. Sanjar realizes that his mother goes to Kipchak land with Baturalp and right now takes movement to stop her. While on the other side, Hassan Sabah attacked on Baturalp while he is going back with Basulu khatun. Hassan Sabah killed all soldiers of Baturalp and injured Baturalp and says to Basulu that who will save you from me. Suddenly, Sultan Melik Shah reached there and said that I will save Basulu.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 34 Trailer:

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 34 will on air on 31 May, 2021. Are you intrigued to see that what will happen to Baturalp? Will he have died or not? What will be the result of Kuvel fight? Will Sultan Melik Shah kill Mithras in Kuvel Fight? Will Zubeyda Hatun and Nizam ul Mulk be able to find out that Terken and Tajul Mulk are the traitor in palace? In order to see all these facts, visit our website.

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