Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 28 Urdu and English

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu:
Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu is a Turkish historic drama and fiction TV series. It makes a specialty of the existence of MalikShah, and his son, Ahmad Sencer. It tells the tale of the Seljuk Empire’s structure, political activities, and wars.

Episode 27 Review:
In Episode 27, after the conflict, Sencer Bey gets back to the tribe and learns that Basulu Hatun goes to the river. Sencer Bey thinks something may have befallen his mother and units off straight away. Sultan MalikShah says he received the throne warfare and sends Malik Tekis to the dungeon. Sencer Bey sees that the squaddies guarding Basulu Hatun are lifeless and realizes that Basulu Hatun has been kidnapped. Hassan Sabbah takes Basulu Hatun to his mystery base and tells her that he is aware of the reality approximately her. Basulu Hatun can’t help contradicting what he says, in any case, Hassan Sabbah says that the entire thing is a plan of the Nizam al Mulk.
Faysal asks his father what his plan is. Hassan Sabbah says that they’ll use Basulu Hatun to seize Shalimzar. Sencer Bey returns to the obvious and begins off evolved speak me to Livia. Sultan MalikShah brings Malik Tekis to the lawn of the palace and says that he has constantly forgiven him till this time. As punishment, Sultan MalikShah orders Malik Tekis’s eyes to be blinded through a warm iron. The Sultan MalikShah then sends Malik Tekis and his son from the palace. Hassan Sabbah secretly meets with Mithras and asks him to assist seize Shalimzar.
Hassan Sabbah indicators his men to assault and the assault begins. As Faysal and his men assault the Turkish squaddies, Mithras involves assist them. Faysal takes manage of the town and captures a few Turkish squaddies. Ali sees what’s taking place inside the town and waits for the proper time to come. Meanwhile, Hassan Sabbah involves the city and thank you Mithras for his assist. Sencer Bey sees Shalimzar taken over through the Batinis and realizes that his mother is of their hands. After a brief while, Malik Tapar and Nizam al Mulk arrive and research what befell Basulu Hatun.
Nizam al Mulk sends an ambassador to Hassan Sabbah to reclaim Basulu Hatun. Hassan Sabbah accepts their request to fulfill and is going wherein they are. Sultan MalikShah is going searching with Zubeyde Hatun. Meanwhile, Kamac comes and tells the Sultan MalikShah that the Batinis have captured Shalimzar. Malik Tapar straight away desires to kill Hassan Sabbah, however, Hassan Sabbah says that if something takes place to him, the name of the game can be exposed. Hassan Sabbah accuses Nizam al Mulk of mendacity to the sultan and asks him for Nizar’s flag. As Algan prepares to visit Shalimzar together along with his squaddies, a traitor many of the squaddies kills him.
Nizam al Mulk says that they could store Basulu Hatun through the use of the tunnel main to one in all Faysal’s mines. Livia sneaks off the obvious and leaves a letter to Turna Hatun. Terken Hatun apologizes to the Sultan MalikShah for what she had performed earlier than and tells him that he did the proper issue through now no longer giving Nizar’s property. Malik Tapar, Sencer Bey, and a few Alps input the tunnel of the mine and are divided into two. Sencer Bey kills Efruz and receives out of the tunnel. Malik Tapar and Sencer Bey comprehend that Hassan Sabbah already is aware of their plan. Hassan Sabbah asks them to go away from the town and stick with their deal.
Ali sees Sencer Bey looking to store Basulu Hatun. Malik Tapar comes out of the tunnel and tells Nizam al Mulk what befell. Sencer Bey says that the simplest manner to store Basulu Hatun is to inform the name of the game to the Sultan MalikShah. While the Sultan MalikShah wrestles with a few squaddies, he gets the name of the game message Ali sent. Sultan MalikShah learns that Sencer Bey and Malik Tapar have been secretly looking to store Basulu Hatun and thinks why they didn’t inform him this. As Sencer Bey and Malik Tapar are approximate to inform the Sultan MalikShah the name of the game, Sultan MalikShah tells them that Nizar’s property can be given to them.
Hassan Sabbah orders his men to assault to retrieve the items, however, Sultan MalikShah’s squaddies assault them. The Turks kill Hassan Sabbah’s squaddies. Sencer Bey desires to observe Hassan Sabbah, however, Sultan MalikShah stops him. Sultan MalikShah tells that Basulu Hatun has already been rescued and orders anyone to go back to the palace. Sultan MalikShah returns to the palace after a brief time and begins off evolved to look ahead to Ali. Ali brings Basulu Hatun to the palace. Sultan MalikShah asks Basulu Hatun to find the veil on her face and realizes that she is his wife, whom his concept died years ago. Sultan realizes that Sencer Bey is likewise his son, Ahmed.

Episode 28 Trailer:
Will Sultan MalikShah, Basulu Hatun, and Ahmed Sencer be brought back to the palace, or will MalikShah not only drive them out of the palace but may it be just to show people? How will Livia, who had left the tribe, return?


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