Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 9 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Great Seljuck is a series which revives the dignity, Selcuklu Episode 9 strength and glory of Seljuck Sultanet. It was the time when enemies think hundred times before attacking the Seljuck. They wanted to get sacred relics. This series is full of thrill and adventure



Selcuklu Episode 9 in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8 starts as, Basulu becomes amazed when she sees her other son who took Sanchar to home. But she does not tell him the truth. She cares him also like her mother. Tapar realizes the love of Mother at that time. Sanchar wakes up and thanks Tapar for saving his life.

Turna was kidnapped by Mihail

Moreover yorgos kidnapped Turna Khatun. Emir Ilteber becomes suspicious about Sanchar that he kidnapped his daughter. Sanchar is informed that Turna was kidnapped by Mihail and set out to retrieve both Turna and the relics. Further malik Shah is suspicious about Hassan Sabbah. Tapar told his father about Sanchar. Malik shah is angry on Nizamulmulk. Andreas invited Qasim and plan to eliminate Tapar.

Tapars Attack

Further qasim informed the Turkish rebels to become aware of the Tapars attack. Sanchar wants to talk to Dukas. But Nizamulmulk does not allow him. anyway Sanchar meets Dukas and ask him about Mihail. He takes Dukas with him to reach Mihail. Nizam learned about Sanchar’s actions and got very angry. Terkan Khatun knows that Safriye Khatun is hurdle in his path, so she give her poison.

Tajul Mulk

Moreover alcin knows that Turkish rebels would attack Tapar. She sent a message to the castle. Tajul Mulk receives this message and deliever it to Terkan Khatun. Malik Shah is not informed about this message. Yorgos is trying to take relics and Turna with him. Safriye Khatoon wakes up but she does not remember anything. Malik Shah comes to know about her illness. Behram informs Hassan about the attack. Alcin Khatoon is waiting for the Malik’s response.

Hassan Sabbah informs Malik Shah

After waiting for a while, when there is no response from the Malik Shah’s side she becomes ready to help Tapar. Hassan Sabbah informs Malik Shah about the attack. Malik shah becomes angry on Nizamulmulk and set off immediately. Alcin and Tapar is conversing with the rebels. Sanchar finds Yorgos. Yorgos runs away along with the sacred relics.


What will be the reaction of Malik Shah when he knows the truth about letter? Will Tapar and Alcin Khatun will reach the castle safe? Will Sanchar become successful in saving Turna’s life? What will be the reaction of Amir Ilteber when he see her daughter?

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