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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8 With Urdu and English Subtitles

Great Seljuk Episode 7 Review
Further in Great Seljuk Episode 7, Selcuklu Episode 8 Yorgos throws Sanjar a bluff and says he has retaliated for his brother, who was killed. Yorgos orders his men to take Behram on a horse and send him to the timberland. Afterward, Yorgos understands that the Seljuk warriors are searching for them and sets different snares for them in the timberland.


Tapar and Arslantas

Tapar and Arslantas attempt to follow the tracks in the timberland, however they can’t discover Sanjar or relics. Tapar sends news to his father that he killed the Fatimids yet couldn’t discover Sanjar. Selcuklu Episode 8 in the interim, Sultan Melik Shah gets the treachery of Elcin. Elcin says that she is attempting to build up solidarity between the Turks by discovering her brother.

Sultan Melik Shah

Further sultan Melik Shah discloses what he did to stop the radicals, and Elcin laments. Elcin says that she will acknowledge any discipline for her slip-up. Sultan Melik Shah discloses to her that starting now and into the foreseeable future he has no binds with Elcin and that she is allowed to go.


Moreover byzantine covert operatives discover Tapar and reveal to him that Sanjar is dead. Moreover tapar kills the Byzantine spy and asks them where the Sanjar is. Dai discovers Behram in the timberland and blows up with him for losing the relics. Behram approaches Dai for one more opportunity, yet Dai blinds Behram’s one eye to rebuff him.

Turks and Sanjar

Further selcuklu Episode 8 Dai sends a few of his men to discover the relics and Sanjar. Andreas celebrates in the castle since he took the relics from the Turks and Sanjar kicked the bucket. Yorgos says that the chest ought not be in the stronghold for some time. Andreas discovers that Yorgos is in love with a Turk and cautions him somewhat. Sultan Melik Shah calls Terken and asks her how she got the info about Elcin.

Terken Hatun

Selcuklu Episode 8 Terken Hatun discloses to him that she realized Elcin was a trickster and followed her. Melik Shah blows up with Terken for spying without his knowledge however Terken says she will do anything for Melik Shah. Basulu Hatun gains from the injured warriors who went to the plain that her son Sanjar has vanished or even passed on.

Khayyam’s Home

Selcuklu Episode 8 while Korkut says that Basulu ought not know anything, Basulu comes and gets some information about her son. Basulu says that she gave his son to the state, yet the state lost Sanjar and quickly set out. Nizam inspects the arrow that lit the fire in Khayyam’s home and understands that there is a considerable foe. Terken Hatun orders the trader who assisted Elcin with dieing so her spy work won’t come out. The news that Sanjar and the relics have been lost comes to Melik Shah. Sultan Melik Shah promptly makes a move and sets out with his soldiers.


Selcuklu Episode 8 after that, As Nizam is going to set out with Melik Shah, he gets a message from Khayyam. Nizam goes to a mystery room and sees Basulu there. Basulu asks Nizam where her son is. Khayyam and Nizam attempt to quiet Basulu. Basulu says she needs to look for her son, yet Nizam reveals to her that Melik Shah is likewise searching for Sanjar. Basulu says that if Sanjar isn’t discovered, all that will be uncovered.


Yorgos injured his arm marginally to see Turna and approaches her for help. Hassan Sabbah stops Behram and reveals to him that Ilteber will look through the houses. Hassan says that Dai is answerable for what occurred and mentions to Behram what he needs to do. Yorgos approaches Turna for help, however she doesn’t help him. Yorgos attempts to stop Turna forcibly, yet the soldiers in the city don’t permit him.

Dai’s Men

Behram reveals to Dai’s men that Melik Shah is coming and they set up a snare for it. Ilteber says he will do the pursuit on Sultan’s orders, yet some Fatimids don’t permit him and set up blockades in the road. Initial, a little war begins in the city and this war before long transforms into an uproar.
In Great Seljuk Episode 7, Ilteber examines the radicals he got and burns their books in the downtown area.

Ghazali shows up

Ghazali shows up and stops Ilteber as he is going to burn the books and discloses to him he can’t stop the Fatimids like this. Ghazali needs the books to be singed from Ilteber and says he will analyze these books. Emir Ilteber acknowledges Ghazali’s solicitation. Fatimids assault Sultan Melik Shah and Seljuk warriors. Melik Shah stops the aggressors and proceeds with the inquiry. In line with Terken, the trader who helped Elcin was killed by harming.

Nizam al Mulk

Moreover nizam al Mulk tells he discovered regarding the individuals who burn Khayyam’s home to Melik Shah. Melik Shah discusses Sanjar and the relics. Basulu stresses over her son and cries that evening. Seljuk warriors look for the Sanjar and the relics the entire night. Hassan holds a meeting and orders his spies to incite the individuals against the Seljuks.


However, Tapar finds where Sanjar battled. Arslantas understands that Sanjar has been lost a precipice by somebody. Tapar orders the soldiers to look along the stream. Turna has a fantasy, and in this fantasy Sanjar passes on where they met previously. A gathering of dervish strolls in the woodland. The Dervishes see a horse, and they start to follow that horse. This son horse takes the dervishes to Sanjar.

Sanjar’s injuries

The Dervishes briskly take Sanjar to a protected spot to help him. Hamadani attempts to cover Sanjar’s injuries and mend him. Tapar sees the impressions by the stream, and afterward Melik Shah comes. Tapar tells that Sanjar was lost a precipice. Melik Shah follows the tracks they found and moves towards the caverns. Hamadani sees the imprint on Sanjar’s neck and starts to pray to God for him. Sanjar has a fantasy.

Sanjar Dreams

Sanjar dreams of his horse, Jahangir, and starts to follow him. Sanjar finds the dervishes reciting and begins tuning in to them. Sanjar asks that he was on a precipice last and how he arrived. Hamadani begins conversing with Sanjar and advises him to proceed on the correct way.


Afterward, Hamadani continues to talk and gives Sanjar the coat of his grandfather Alp Arslan. Hamadani finds out if he needs to work in Allah’s way, and first gives Alp Arslan’s jacket and afterward his sword. Therefore hamadani takes some water from the stream and gives this water to the Sanjar. Sanjar drinks this water and makes a guarantee to work for Islam. Sultan Melik Shah goes to the cavern and sees Sanjar.

Kinik Plain

Hamadani tells that Sanjar is alive however needs better treatment. At the point when Melik Shah contacts Sanjar’s chest, Sanjar says “father” in his rest. Melik Shah feels that Sanjar misses his father, whom he lost years back. Melik Shah orders Sanjar to be taken to the close by Kinik plain and sets off with him. Turna gains from her father that Sanjar has disappear and is stressed over him.

Kinik plain with Sanjar

Moreover behram says he will render his retribution, and they assault the Seljuk soldiers. Behram opens the cover on the carriage and understands that this is a snare. Melik Shah and other Seljuk troopers follow and assault the Fatimids. As Melik Shah is going to go to Kinik, news comes that there is a revolt. Melik Shah re-visitations of smother the disobedience and sends his son Tapar to the Kinik plain with Sanjar.

Seljuk warriors

Then, As Behram is going to be caught by the Seljuk warriors, Hassan Sabbah shows up and protects him. Elcin in the long run re-visitations of her plain and says she doesn’t need a battle later on. Elcin says that all together for the circumstance in Anatolia to improve, they need to follow Melik Shah’s orders, however the Turks in her plain restrict her.

Melik Shah quiet down

Moreover elcin at that point executes one of the individuals who went to the gathering and requests everybody to do what she says. Sultan Melik Shah comes to Isfahan and quiets the individuals by educating them concerning his activities. The individuals who tune in to Melik Shah quiet down.

Seferiye Hatun

Terken understands that Firdos is missing and asks where she is, however Seferiye Hatun reveals to her that she was addressed. Qasim subtly meets with Commander Andreas and converses with him about Elcin. Qasim and Andreas structure a collusion. Turna comes to Kinik plain and gets some information about Sanjar. Around then, Tapar and Sanjar go to the plain.

Son Sanjar Injured

Further basulu sees her son Sanjar injured. Turna asks for permission to help Sanjar. Yorgos discovers that Sanjar isn’t dead and gets furious. Sultan Melik Shah executes the individuals who urged the individuals to revolt and says that it is his chance to Hassan Sabbah. After Turna has treated Sanjar, Tapar comes and gets some information about his condition.

Basulu Hatun

While Turna is gathering spices in the timberland, Yorgos shows up and murders the soldiers who watch her. Yorgos gets Turna. At the point when Tapar specifies that he is Sultan Melik Shah’s son, Basulu Hatun sees her other son without precedent for years and embraces him.

Seljuks under Sultan Melik Shah

In Episode 8 Great Seljuk is a fabulous Turkish Series. It is all about the Seljuk state. The whole story Witness the rise of the Seljuks under Sultan Melik Shah I (child of Alp Arslan) and his child Sultan Ahmed Sancar (grandson of Alp Arslan) and their battle a lot against Hasan e Sabah, head of the Deadly Shia Assassins (Hash-Hasheen) who hope to reestablish the Fatimid Empire, additionally against the Byzantine Empire and individual opponent States who look to debilitate the Seljuks.

Ilteber Arrives

Moreover basulu hugs Tapar and calls him her son. Yorgos thumps and kidnaps Turna. Further melik Shah blows up with Nizam for not giving enough knowledge and orders him to take care of all issues at the earliest opportunity. Sanjar says that he will reclaim both the relics and Turna, and Ilteber arrives. Tapar re-visitations of the royal residence and tells his father Melik Shah what he learned from Sanjar.

Dukas Guards

Nizam goes to Dukas and gets some info about Mihail. Dukas guards himself however doesn’t help Nizam. Andrea discovers that the Seljuk soldiers controlled the Byzantine traders and asks that the relics go furtively somewhere else. Terken and Seferiye contend before Melik. Then, a letter comes from Elcin and Tajul gives the letter to Terken.

Elcin Readies

When there is no reaction from Melik, Elcin readies her troopers and embarks to help Tapar. Therefore sanjar and Dukas look for Yorgos the entire day. Sanjar shows up and saves turna. Yorgos takes the relics and runs. Sanjar makes a move to follow Yorgos, however then, the man sent by Hassan shoots Turna with an arrow. Sanjar attempts to help Turna, however Turna swoons.In Episode 8.

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