Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

uyanış büyük selçuklu Episode 7 with Urdu and English Subtitles

uyanış büyük selçuklu Episode 7 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In the previous episode that is episode 6 of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu, selçuklu Episode 7 Sanjar finally slipped out of the big box, trying to figure out where he was. Hassan Sabbah said that Byzantine soldiers and swords could not enter Kuvel.


Hasan’s Decision

Attas understands and appreciates Hasan’s decision. Hassan selçuklu Episode 7 told what he knew about Ghazari and how dangerous he was. The leader of Fatimid realized that Ghazali was much more dangerous than he thought and they wanted to kill him as soon as possible. Behram told Dai that he suspected Sanjar. The leader of Fatimid listened to Behram and hoped that he would put Sanjar to a difficult test. At the same time, Sanjar tried to find a way out of the secret building of Fatimis.

Tajul Mulk

Tajul Mulk told Terken that Qasim wanted to marry a woman from the dynasty. Terken Sultan was surprised to hear that Kasim wanted to marry Mahmelek. The dreamer finally appeared from a secret place, but was attacked by a group of soldiers. Sanjar’s spy friend arrived at the last minute and saved him. Sanjar intends to return to the city as soon as possible and told his friends to inform Nizam.

Byzantine Soldier

Commander Andreas learned that Ilteber was angry with Melik Shah and took action to attract him. At the same time, a Byzantine soldier came and said that all the soldiers from Constantinople had been killed. Andreas was very angry and said he would take revenge.

Daughter Turna

The dreamer found the water line behind the wall and secretly sent messages from there. Andreas’ envoy (Enreas) said that he wanted to make a treaty of friendship and that Byzantium would always support Ilteber. Ilteber asked the opinion of his daughter Turna. Although Ilteber had ties with the Selcuks, he said that the agreement on friendship with Bozantium was not damaged and he signed the agreement proposed by the ambassador.

kill Ghazali

Futher turna went to a secret place to meet Sanjar and started waiting for him. Behram summoned Sanjar and bowed to him to kill Ghazali. Sanjar said he would kill Ghazali and go with the two men. At the dinner, Emir Kasim said that his soldiers will always support Malik Shah and he hopes that they will strengthen in order to establish unity in Anatolia.

Turna came to Sanđar

Further now, in the 7th episode of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu, Elcin understands Terken’s plan and says that he will never marry Kasim. Nizam found Sanđar and took him somewhere. Turna came to Sanđar and talked to him. Turna said that she saw Sanđar’s secret information, and Sanjar said that he wanted to see her by the river.

Ghazali’s Death

The ninja sent a secret signal and went into action, so Ghazali did not die. Nizam said that he reported on everything that happened in Sudan, and Melik Shah visited Ghazali. Melik Shah talked to Sanjar and asked him how the wound was. Dai and Hassan talk about Ghazali’s death and think about Nizam’s new plan. Dai asked to destroy everything that was left in Ghazali.

Byzantine Castle

Further george came to the Byzantine castle and told Commander Andreas about the sacred artifacts. George said that in order to take revenge on the Fatimids, they must take their holy objects. Commander Andreas sent George to take the relic. Nizam said that he met between Sanjar and Turna and warned Sanjar about this.

Turna Entered His Mother’s

Turna entered his mother’s grave and introduced Sanđar to her. When Elcin was still angry at Kasim’s proposal, Terken gave her a gift box. Later, Teken came in and told her that he wanted to give her a wedding present. When Elcin tried to call for marriage, Terken told her to pack the property as soon as possible.

Marry Kasim

Futher george ordered his men to go to the plains of Sanyar. Arslantas told Sanjar what had happened to him and warned him again about Turn. Before the fierce battle, Sanjar went to the plain to visit his relatives. Melik Shah called Elcin and expressed anger over her rudeness. Elcin listened to the sultan and told her why he did not want to marry Kasim.

Byzantine Businessman

Further terken Sultan saw Kasim leave the palace and ordered Elcin to follow more closely. Elcin realizes that Terken has come up with a new plan and hopes to take over Kili and leave as soon as possible. Sanjar found a Byzantine businessman who helped Iorgos and cut his finger. Melik Shah said that when the news came from Sanjar, he would attack Fatimid and ask Nizam about Sanjar’s Event. Tapar said Sanjar has a mother.

Hassan Sabbah

Later, Melik Shah said that he wanted to help Sanjar’s family. Elcin enters the market and secretly talks to someone about his brother Kili. But the spy sent by Terken found out what Elcin was talking about. Hassan Sabbah said Ghazari’s death had not yet been announced and warned Dai Bingguo on the matter.

Hasan said the person who shot Ghazari was a spy

When Sanjar and Arslantas came, Dai said he would kill them. George began to accompany Behram to photograph the relic. The merchant at the market gave the servant Elcin a message that said where Kili was. Nizam went to Khayyam’s burning house and realized that someone had opened fire in the palace. Elcin read a note given by a businessman and found out where her brother was. Elcin takes immediate action to save her brother Kilij. While Elcin is leaving, Terken goes to Melik Shah’s room and says that she will give him important information. Sanjar and Arslantas start to wait to see Dai

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