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uyanış büyük selçuklu Episode 6 | Great Seljuk

Originally written in Turkey, The Great Seljuk selçuklu Episode 6 is a historical series based on the authority of the Seljuk family. Sultan Malik Shah and his son Sanchar are not only the main characters in this regard but they also play an important role in the history of the Seljuk family.


This series is an interesting part of love, faith, knowledge, plot, courage, sacrifice, and suffering. The selçuklu Episode 6 invincible ruler, Sultan Malik Shah, with the knowledge and courage of his son Sencar, fights many fierce and silent battles against enemies and traitors.


In Episode 5, Tourna catches the Sencar and asks him what he’s doing in the mansion. Tourna believes Sencar is a traitor when Sencar says he has come to save his friends from jail. The Sencar says that he is not a traitor and I will tell the whole truth later. Elkan shot his arrow at a poisonous snake near Malik Shah. The Sultan realizes that Elcin is a good hunter, but warns him. The Sencar wants to save her friends as soon as possible, but Turna keeps asking her questions. Then the Sencar knocked on the door and went to the black hole.

Amir Tabar

Amir Tabar, one of the soldiers, helps Sencar and Sencar sets his friends free. Hatton opened his eyes and tried to help his mother. Meanwhile, Abul Qasim and his soldiers arrived. The country informed Amir Abul Qasim about the incident. Qasim ordered his army to bring the wounded to the palace as soon as possible and went to inform the Sultan.

Hassan Sabah

Basulu found an arrow in Senchar’s pillow and he went to Korkot Bey. Basulu and then sent Senchar to send Balaban to what had happened in the field. Hassan Sabah briefed the Fatimid leader on the location of the Seljuk forces in Fort Coal. Qasim went hunting and told about the incident on the way to Sultan. The Sultan immediately stops hunting. He is going to the palace.

Emmer al-Tabbar

In Chapter 5, Emmer al-Tabbar became angry with his army because of what happened in the mansion. Nizam-ul-Mulk found out that Senchar had abducted the prisoners. Arrived in Bahram when the Senchar, Arslantas, and Rome hid in the forest. Bahram thanks Senchar and wants to take Arslantasas to a secret location to help. Al-Tabar asks Turna who had entered the villa, but Turna lies to her father.

Neelam Hutton

Neelam Hutton is angry and upset with what happened to Tallinn Hutton and Mehmet Malik Hutton. The Turk has bled to death and her unborn child is in danger. Al-Tabar left because he believed that the prisoners abducted from the villa were in the Fatimid area. Bahram left the house saying that Al-Tabar could do nothing because he needed the permission of Sultan Malik Shah. Al-Tabar says he will search everywhere and find prisoners, but Bahram has not changed his mind.

Malik Shah and Qasim

Al-Tabar says he will go to the palace to seek permission from Sultan Malik Shah. Malik Shah and Qasim reached the palace. Balaban is talking to Sencar about what happened on the field. The Sencar is suspected of Byzantine espionage. Commander Andreas learned of the secret hideouts of the Seljuk armies and was the first spy to enter the kingdom, Sultan Malik Shah. When the commander finds out, he becomes very angry and orders Yargos to return to the fort immediately. Melik Shah went to Tarken Hattun’s room and talked to him.

Amir al-Taibar

In Series 5, Malik Shah tells his mother that he is doing well. Turna worries about Senchar and says she will find him. Nizam went to the madrassa and saw the pages of a book in the pool. Ghazali did. Later, Ghazali goes to the city and sees people talking about religion. Ghazali addresses the speaking men and tells them how to come to reality. Amir al-Taibar went to the palace and told Malik Shah about everything that was happening in his village.

Nizam says al-Tabbar’s

Al-Tabar blamed Fatimid for what happened and sought permission to retaliate. Nizam says al-Tabbar’s actions were bad. Malik Shah says Al-Tabar’s actions are wrong and will not be tolerated. Al-Tabbar dislikes Malik Shah’s decision and says big events are coming soon. Melk told Shah al-Tabar that no matter what, the state would remain calm and peaceful. The Nizam intends to bring the relics to the capital to test the Fatimids. The Sencar goes to Ducas and asks him about the Byzantine merchant Michael coming to his domain. Yargos secretly listens to Senchar’s speech and begins to follow him.

Melk Shah and Hassan

In Episode 5, Melk Shah and Hassan discuss the victory of Castle Quil. Commander Andreas arrives and stops Yargos as he follows Singer. Andreas was angry with Yargos, but Yargos protested. While Singer was riding his horse, Turna stopped him and said that she wanted to talk about the facts. Meanwhile, a group of soldiers attacked Sencar and Turna. Yargos had sent this army. The singer killed them and saved Turna. When the time comes, singers say the first person to know the truth has to weigh.

Commander Andreas

Further commander Andreas convinced Yargos and plotted to attack the Seljuk together. The singer goes to the secret location of the system and tells him what happened. Nizam tells the singer to stay calm and learn everything. Nizam tells Sencar his plan for his remains and who Ghazali is. Hassan Sabah realized that something was secretly entering the palace and began an investigation. A guard says the remains will reach the palace. Sapphire Hatton went to Taryn’s room and said he would be responsible for what happened.

Elkan visited Taryn

Tarkan tries to tell Seferiya why he went hunting, but Seferiya accuses him of being proud. Tarkan says he will reveal the names of the traitors one by one. Doctors say Turks must get bed rest. The singer returns to the field and talks to his mother. Elkan visited Taryn and said she would recover soon.


Further in Episode 5, Fatimid leader Hassan Sabah gathered and briefed them on Ghazali. Hassan says he will follow Ghazali and the relics will reach the palace. The leader of Fatimids does not care about the origin of this intelligence and intends to seize the sacred relics. Hassan tried to warn the Fatimid leader, but the warning failed. At night, Arslantasas goes to work with other Fatimids and then finds out that he has opened the river.


Melk Shah talks to his son about the future and tells him about the system’s plan for the sacred relics. Moreover tapar says he will help his father and ask permission to fight him. Yargos learns that the soldiers sent by Singer after his death say that he will take revenge on Melik Shah’s troops. Trunk tells Sultan that Elcin is a traitor, but Sultan tells Trunk to keep quiet and rest. The singer found Arslantas and asked him what had happened. The singer realized the plot of the Fatimid attack. Commander Andreas and the Byzantine army attacked Melk Shah’s secret unit. Most of the Turkish soldiers lost their lives in the attack.

Tarkan Hatton

In Episode 5, Tarkan Hatton arrives in her room with a poison lamp in her hand. selçuklu Episode 6 tarkan leaves the room and tries to talk to the Sultan, although he is not allowed to get out of bed at rest, and falls to the floor. Later, the train got up and started entering Malik Shah’s room. It doesn’t stay still and falls to the ground. Neelam and other women try to help the Turk. Birth usually begins prematurely. Bahram called Sencar to talk to him.

Byzantine Attack

Bahram says that Singer will fight Fatimid. Malik Shah and the soldiers are waiting for an attack. Malik Shah said Fatimid would not attack and was left to return to the palace. Meanwhile, selçuklu Episode 6 a friend of Sencar arrived and told Nizam where they were going to attack the Fatimids. Malik Shah and his soldiers approached the caravan. A wounded soldier who survived the Byzantine attack reached the palace and Hassan Sabah saw the soldier.

Tapper and Sanger fight

Further the Fatimids saw the Seljuk soldiers approaching and suddenly attacked them. When Sencar tried to leave the battlefield, selçuklu Episode 6 Tappar saw him and attacked him. Immigrants eat a lot of blood at birth but have their children. Turk’s baby was born, but he is not crying. When Tapper and Sanger fight, Sencar falls to the ground. The cover looks at Sencar’s face.


In episode 6, Yargos caught Sencar alone. There is a fight between them on brink of a hill. But Sencar will not survive that fight and Yargos through him from that hill. Hasan Sabah put the house of Umer Khayam on fire in which Ghazali was also hiding. In this incident, Sultan got furious at Nizam ul Mulk. Tarken Hatun trying to make Elcin leave the palace. What is going to happen in the next episode? Will Sencar live after falling from the hill? Will Ghazali and Umer Khayam save themselves from this fire? Will Nizam ul Mulk rise himself again in Sultan’s eyes? Will Tarken make Elcin leave the palace?

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