Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 29 Urdu and English

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu:
Seljuk assumed a significant part in middle age history by making an obstruction to Europe against the Mongol trespassers from the East, shielding the Islamic world against Crusaders from the West, and overcoming enormous pieces of the Byzantine Empire.

Episode 28 Review:
Sultan MalikShah understood that Sencer Bey was his child and needed to converse with Nizam al Mulk. Ruler blamed Nizam al Mulk for lying for quite a long time and sent him from the castle.
Sencer Bey addressed his father and got back to the tribe with his mother. Hassan Sabbah asked Mithras for help in safeguarding the city and mentioned to TuranShah what was occurring in the royal residence in a message.
Hassan Sabbah at that point went to Malik Tekis’s tent and said that he would recuperate his eyes. Malik Tekis tuned in to Hassan Sabbah’s arrangement. Sencer Bey got back to the tribe and revealed to Turna Hatun the real factors. Sultan MalikShah emerged from the castle alone and went to Basulu Hatun’s grave.
The Sultan MalikShah discovered two young girls there and carried them to the castle. The Sultan MalikShah at that point began a gathering. Tajul Mulk requested substantial punishments against Nizam al Mulk and Zubeyde Hatun, yet around then TuranShah went to the castle. TuranShah said that his father was killed in light of Nizam al Mulk and that he would render retribution for it.
MalikShah revealed to him that he would settle on the essential choice. TuranShah went to the plain when Nizam al Mulk revealed to Sencer Bey’s companions that he was the child of Sultan MalikShah.
TuranShah said he would slaughter Nizam al Mulk, however, Sencer Bey halted him. Sencer Bey murdered a man of TuranShah. As the conflict was going to break out on the plain, MalikShah came. Ruler censured TuranShah for insubordination, yet TuranShah said he would execute Nizam al Mulk regardless.
MalikShah later said that the Nizam al Mulk’s discipline was to be sent from the castle and not to manage government issues any longer. Mithras set out to send the experts and materials expected to make Greek fire to Shalimzar.
Malik Tapar told his father that Mithras sent Greek fire to Shalimzar. Ruler requested that Malik Tapar stop these bosses with Sencer Bey and enter Shalimzar furtively. Malik Tapar got the escort camouflaged as traders and sneaked into Shalimzar.
Ruler set out to help Malik Tapar, however, TuranShah halted him and said he would slaughter Nizam al Mulk. Hassan Sabbah got them while Malik Tapar and Sencer Bey were sitting tight for the Sultan MalikShah.

Episode 29 Trailer:
Who will come to save Sencer Bey and Malik Tapar in Shalimzar, as MalikShah himself confronts TuranShah? Will TuranShah kill Nizam al Mulk? Is Berkyaruq going to enter the series?


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