Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 Urdu and English

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu:
Witness the ascent of the Seljuks under Sultan MalikShah I (child of Alp Arslan) and his child Sultan Ahmed Sencer (grandson of Alp Arslan) and their battle and fight against Hassan Sabah, who hope to reestablish the Fatimid Empire, likewise against the Byzantine Empire and individual adversary States who try to debilitate the Seljuks.

Episode 26 Review:
In Episode 26, Sultan MalikShah got Malik Tekis in the backwoods and requested his fighters to take him to the prison. Mithras helped Malik Tekis escape. Sultan MalikShah captured Malik Tekis’s officials and located that he had fifteen thousand soldiers in Khorasan.
Hassan Sabbah comprehended who Basulu Hatun became and stated he might make use of this whilst the possibility arrived. Nizam al Mulk understood that there may be a swindler at the observatory and made an arrangement to uncover that individual. Malik Tekis executed the Sultan MalikShah’s troopers and called his fighters in Khorasan to fight.
Master Khayyam’s understudy Fida took secret records about the schedule and went to the timberland. Terken Hatun and Zubeyde Hatun quarreled over the Sultan MalikShah’s conflict choice. Mithras met with Hassan Sabbah and made arrangements for the future with him.
The Turks assaulted as Fida was going to give Hassan Sabbah’s reports. Nizam al Mulk was injured in the conflict, yet Sencer Bey recovered the two archives and a few relics. Sencer Bey got back to the plane and said that he would hold a gathering with the Turkmen Beys. Count Albert went to a hotel with Imam Ghazali and began tuning in to the psalms sung there. Count Albert later turned into a Muslim and changed his name to Abdullah Ali.
In Episode 26, Nizam al Mulk made an impression on the troopers in Khorasan not to help Malik Tekis and told the Sultan MalikShah that he ought to pronounce a beneficiary if there should be an occurrence of a potentially terrible circumstance. Sultan MalikShah is known as all and sundry inside the citadel to a meeting and disclosed to them that Berkyaruq became the beneficiary.
Terken Hatun was entirely awkward with the present circumstance and wanted to do a few things with the help of the Karakhanid state. Sencer Bey told the Turkmen Beys that they should uphold the Sultan. MalikShah discovered that Malik Tekis’s military was going to the incredible valley and requested that his officers be prepared for the fight to come.
The following morning, Sultan MalikShah advised Zubeyde Hatun to secure the castle and went to the front line with his military. King saw not exactly half of the warriors that Malik Tekis had expected, and he chose to battle one on one with his sibling. Sultan MalikShah won the fight and choked Malik Tekis with a bow rope.

Episode 27 Trailer:
Is the secret really revealed or this is a dream? Nizam al Mulk and Zubeyde Hatun both were hiding a secret from Sultan MalikShah and Basulu Hatun herself hiding from Sultan MalikShah, what will Sultan MalikShah decide for them?


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