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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 26 Urdu and English

The concern of the series, “An age illuminated by the sword, illuminated by the pen” slogan, and the series will recognition on what took place for the duration of the reign of Sultan MalikShah, the III sultan of the Great Seljuk State. The Seljuks lived their brightest era for the duration of the MalikShah period. After MalikShah, the Seljuks did not any longer regain their strength. Among the most important human beings of the era, Umar Khayyam is within the area of technological know-how and Nizam al Mulk politics.

Episode 25 Review:
In Episode 25, the messenger tells that Seferiye Hatun is set to die and is coming to the palace. Malik Tekis asks the Sultan MalikShah to go into the palace. Sencer Bey says he’ll now no longer provide Levia and starts to combat the Byzantine squaddies. Malik Tapar talks to his mother for a brief time even as he attempts to console her. Sencer Bey catches one of the Byzantine squaddies and attempts to make him speak. Levia thank you Sencer Bey for what he did. Turna Hatun sees Basulu Hatun comes to the apparent and asks her where she went, however, Basulu Hatun no longer informs her of the truth. Malik Tapar returns to the palace and learns that Seferiye Hatun is set to die.

Meanwhile, MalikShah and Malik Tekis arrive. Seferiye Hatun speaks to her sons first after which apologizes to Malik Tapar. Seferiye Hatun dies quickly after. Mithras examines the sacred spear. Mithras realizes that the sacred spear remains in MalikShah and at once desires to make a cope with him. As Sencer Bey interrogates the Byzantine soldier, he learns that Seferiye Hatun has handed away. Sencer Bey asks his buddies to impeach the soldier and units out to visit the palace. After the funeral, Sultan MalikShah asks Malik Tekis to return to the palace and distribute meals to human beings.

Malik Tapar tells Sencer Bey that they must paint collectively from now on. As Mithras leaves the palace, he talks to Sencer Bey and realizes that his helper is in his hands. The vizier of the Fatimids kingdom involves the palace and expresses his condolences to the Sultan MalikShah. The vizier talks approximately the assault on folks who went at the pilgrimage earlier than, however, MalikShah says that the occasion becomes avenged. While Malik Tekis thinks approximately how he’ll take over the person Sencer Bey captured, Mithras stops him and gives him a partnership. Mithras asks Malik Tekis to sneak Tomas out of the apparent. Mithras learns that Zubeyde Hatun is out of the palace and asks his squaddies to assault her.

Master Khayyam talks to certainly considered one among his college students approximately the calendar they may be prepared, however, this scholar is running for Hassan Sabbah. That night, Imam Ghazali visits Count Albert. Imam Ghazali tells Count Albert the way to study the matters which have been created and that a person will come soon. Sencer Bey tells mother Basulu that a person is after the name of the secret and asks her to be careful. Sencer Bey mentions that he needs to inform Turna Hatun of the name of the secret, however, Basulu Hatun tells him that he must now no longer do the sort of component earlier than the time comes. MalikShah tells Malik Tapar that he suspects Malik Tekis is a traitor and asks him to be careful. Turna Hatun says that Sencer Bey is hiding something and that mother Basulu went to satisfy Malik Tapar, however, Sencer Bey receives indignant. Sencer Bey says he’ll say the whole lot while the time comes and he’s indignant with Turna Hatun for what she has done.

Malik Tekis meets with the Turkmen Beys and tells them approximately the Byzantine soldier captured with the aid of using Sencer. Malik Tekis says that the Beys have the proper to kill the Byzantine soldier and Levia. Master Khayyam realizes that a person is attempting to borrow their paintings for the calendar, however is stabbed even as looking to prevent the person. Terken Hatun talks to Tajul Mulk and tells him they may remedy this mystery regardless of what. The Sultan MalikShah learns what took place in the observatory and that Master Khayyam becomes introduced to the palace with injuries.

As the battle is set to interrupt in the apparent, Malik Tapar comes and sends the Turkmen. Sencer Bey tells Malik Tapar that Malik Tekis is liable for this incident and tells him that he can assault the palace. Malik Tekis realizes the Beys are failing and devises a plan to assault Sencer Bey. Nizam al Mulk examines the knives belonging to the employees of the observatory. Terken Hatun tells the Sultan that she will be able to have a son. MalikShah learns that Sencer Bey is on his way to the palace and units out to save you from an assault on him. Hassan Sabbah is going undercover and is going to the marketplace at the Kinik plain. Hassan Sabbah learns that the girl he’s seeking out is Basulu Hatun, Sencer’s mother. Hassan Sabbah realizes that Basulu Hatun is Tapar’s mother and MalikShah’s wife.

Episode 26 Trailer:
Will MalikShah behead Malik Tekis? Hassan Sabah has found out the secret, now how will Hassan Sabah use this secret? How will Hassan Sabah take revenge on Nizam al Mulk as Nizam al Mulk has humiliated Faisal? Will MalikShah also know the secret?

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