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Uyanış büyük selçuklu Episode 14 with Urdu and English subtitles


Uyanış büyük selçuklu Episode 14 starts when Arslantas attacks Nizam ul Mulk and runs away. A blast occurs at Selemzar, and all the steel becomes useless. Malik Shah gets furious over the explosion, and his grief doubles when he hears about the attack on Khwaja.

Khwaja Nizamulmulk

Khwaja Nizamulmulk Uyanış büyük selçuklu Episode 14 is being operated upon by the doctors. Alcin Khatun and Gawher Khatun decide to make Turna Khatoon stay in the Castle. Hassan Sabbah goes to Tajulmulk and makes him think that he is the strongest candidate to replace Khwaja Nizam ul Mulk’s position because Khwaja’s injury might take months to heal, whereas Sultan will not wait that long. Alcin Khatoon asks Turna khatoon to stay in the Castle and look after Khwaja because those who poisoned Sefriye khatoon would kill nizam ul Mulk.

Malik Shah orders

In the forest, Sanchar and his alps show their concern about Khwaja, and of course, they know that MalikShah would suspect them. And their fear comes true as Tapar tells Malik Shah about Sanchar’s intention towards Arslantis. Malik Shah orders to arrest of Sanchar and his family.
Tapar suggests that the king of kovel castle must be involved in the blast and be held accountable for this.


Sanchar finds Atlantis, and he was about to fight with arslantis when he came to know that Sultan has ordered to arrest him. Sanchar asked Edugudu to look after his people in the tribe.
Arslantis’s mother begs Hassan Sabbah to bring his son back. She admits that she lied to his son to meet him. Hassan beats her while Rustem stands and says nothing.

Tarkan Khatoon

Tarkan Khatoon shares with Tajulmulk that Sultan is calling his son, berkyaruk, back. She warns him to be more careful and promises that she’ll try her best to convince Sultan to appoint him as Khwaja of State.
Further tajulmulk goes to Sanchar’s tribe and arrests Sanchar’s mother and other villagers.
Hassan Sabbah’s son, Faisal, also appears in the picture.
MalikShah tells Hassan Sabbah that he will kill Andreas. He will be killed sooner or later. Hassan Sabbah asks Behram to make Andreas aware of this attack earlier to find some way to escape.
In the presence of his special helpers and Tarkan Khatoon, Sultan thinks of calling deewan e aala for the appointment of someone as Khwaja, and he was to say this when Turna Khatoon runs in to say that Khwaja is out of danger.

Khwaja Nizamulmulk

Sanchar takes Arslantis to Amadani Hadrath, where the poison’s effect on Arslantis’ s mind seems to break. Arslantis repents for his actions, and they make him remember the headquarter of head Fidei.
Behram warns Andreas about Malikshah’s intentions. Contrary to this, Andreas appoints his man to follow Sultan Malikshah as now he wants to kill Malisk Shah to escape the war with him.

About Tajulmulk’s act

Further togan reports to Sanchar about Tajulmulk’s act, and he says that Tajulmulk slapped his mother. Sanchar got mad at Tajulmulk. Tarkan Khatoon asks Firdous to add poison to Khwaja’s food, which is cooked by Turna Khatoon.
Ameer ul tier collaborates with Faisal and says that he has been trading with Fatimids before. Faisal helps him because he wants to rule Selemzar.
A lady position the food cooked by Turna Khatoon, and Khawaja eats it. His condition becomes severe, and Turna comes to know that she poisoned Khwaja.

Basulu Khatoon

Sanchar beats Tajulmulk for slapping Basulu Khatoon. Tajulmulk gets back to Castle, and MalikShah becomes furious at Sanchar again.
Hassan comes to know that Sanchar was about to attack them. Further they discover that Arslantis’s mother ran away. Hassan orders his men to find her living or dead. They run to the forest when Sanchar attacks them. After some fight, Hassan and Behram run away. Sanchar follows him, but Sultan Malik Shah stops him and enquires why he did not follow Tapar’s order and why he beat Tajulmulk. Sanchar questions Sultan Malik Shah, for which Sultan becomes angry and slaps Sanchar.


What are your expectations from the next episode? Will Andreas succeed in killing Sultan Malik Shah? Will Khwaja breathe again? What will happen with Turna?To answer all your queries, let’s wait for the next episode. Stay tuned with Historic Series HS.

Uyanis Buyuk Seluklu Season 1 Episode 14 with Urdu Subtitles

The Seljuks Season 1 Episode 14 with English Subtitles

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu | The Great Seljuk Renaissance

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