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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 12 English And Urdu Subtitles

Great Seljuk

Selcuklu Episode 12 originally written in Turkey, The Great Seljuk is a historical series based on the authority of the Seljuk family. Sultan Malik Shah and his son Sanchar are not only the main characters in this regard but they also play an important role in the history of the Seljuk family. This series is an interesting part of love, faith, knowledge, plot, courage, sacrifice, and suffering. The invincible ruler, Sultan Malik Shah, with the knowledge and courage of his son Sencer, fights many fierce and silent battles against enemies and traitors.



In episode 11, Andreas locks Sencer and his spies in the palace and wants to blame Melk Shah for the situation. Sencer attacks the Byzantine forces at the last minute and escapes the palace. Selcuklu Episode 12 fatimid catches Yargos, but they cannot get any clues from him. Yargos is ready to bring loneliness to Constantinople. Thinking about Melk Shah’s secret son, Taryn begins an undercover investigation of Basulo. Sencer finds the Fatimis killed and discovers that Yargos is moving west.

Elcin arrives

Selcuklu Episode 12 elcin arrives at the palace, but the situation worries Tarkin. While Malik is meeting Shah Tapar, Elcin comes and gives him one of his traitors whom he caught in his simplicity. Melk Shah questions the traitor and discovers that Qasim is the leader of the traitors. It turned out that Qasim was working with Andreas.

kill Qasim

In episode 11, Malik Shah gives Bozan a mission to capture and kill Qasim. After what Elcin had done, Malik Shah invited him to stay in the palace. News from Sencer reached the palace and Malik Shah heard of the latest situation. Selcuklu Episode 12 the system continues to look for smiths, especially those that make arrows. However, it has been found that some blacksmiths died of poisoning.

Yargos met with Qasim

Selcuklu Episode 12 nizam learned that Hassan told Malik Shah the news about Sencer and he is very angry. Andreas realized that Fatimid was untrustworthy and that he was angry about the failure of his troops. Yargos met with Qasim in secret and asked for his help. Qasim says he will help her and even flee with her to Constantinople. Bahram heard of Qasim’s plan. Sencer discovers that the soldiers who came to his rescue are Fatimid spies and are killing them.

Ghazi will replace Hassan Qasim

In episode 11, Al-Tabbar is furious that Sencer has not returned and asks Torna questions. After discussing the message to the castle, Elson says he wants to see Safariya before leaving the castle. After speaking about the problems in Anatolia, Malik Shah says Ghazi will replace Hassan Qasim and Elson will stay at the palace. Nizam calls Sabah and asks if he wants more status, but Hassan refuses.

Amir Bozan

Selcuklu Episode 12 nizam says he will always keep an eye on Hassan. On the trail of Sencer Yargos, he finds an inn. Meanwhile, Amir Bozan comes and talks to Sencer. Bahram and his men were stuck on the road to Yargos and began to wait. Nizam asks Allison about the Safariya and finds that something is wrong with the palace. Elson doubts what happened to the message he sent to the palace. Trunk realizes that Nizam and Elcin have formed an alliance and tries to work with them faster.

Turkish forces arrive

In episode 1, Elson visits Safariy and talks to Guevara. The Fatimis attack Yargos to retrieve the remains, but Sencer and Turkish forces arrive shortly afterward. Yargos and Fatimis united and attacked Sencer. The Turks begin to defeat their enemies. Bahram realizes that he will lose the war and flee. Yargos collects the remains and tries to escape alone.

Byzantine Army

Sencer follows Yargos as the Turks battle the rest of the Byzantine army. Yargos agrees to fight Sencer and attacks him. Sencer defeated Yargos and killed him. Sencer then returns to the game with the remains. The Turks are very happy to bring back their sacred relics. Bozan captured Qasim and ordered his death. Sencer tries to take Arsalants to a nearby town for treatment.

Warrior’s Safariy room

After a brief stint in Warrior’s Safariy room in episode 11, he began to recover, thinking there might be poison in the room. Guerrero inspects the lamp in the room and passes out. Bahram tells Hassan everything that happened. Hassan realizes that Sencer is too dangerous for her and devises a plan to finish him off. Hassan’s men broke into Dukas’s house and killed his wife.

Sencer and Arsalantas arrived

Further sencer and Arsalantas arrived at the hospital where Torna works. Sencer says he recovered the remains and that his friend’s wound needs to be healed. Moreover nizam told Bozan and Sencer what happened to Malik Shah. Malik Shah is very pleased with this news. Byzantine envoys and bishops want to come to the palace to talk about the murdered woman. The Byzantine envoy accuses Sencer and demands a fair trial from the sultan.

Malik Shah Tells Everyone

Further in episode 11, Malik Shah tells everyone to keep calm and do whatever it takes. Nizam sends a message to Sencer about what happened in the palace and tells him that he can be arrested. Arsalantas recounts memories of his family after being treated by Sencer. The trunk has ordered the removal of the poisonous oil lamp in the safari room, but it’s too late.


Moreover guevara opened his eyes and told Tapar that there was a problem with the lights in Sapphire’s room. Taper and Elson immediately. I went to Safariy‘s room. Al-Tabbar finds out what Sencer did and appreciates it. Sencer received the message from Nizam and learned that he might be arrested at the palace, but Sencer says he will keep his promise to the Sultan. Tipper and Elson arrive when Tarkin tries to find an oil lamp in Sapphire’s room. Taper has installed and tested all of the lights in the room, but Tarkin has already removed the toxic oil lamps.

Malik Shah’s justice

Therefore in episode 11, Malik Shah dresses up and hits the market. The Sultan walks among people and asks them questions. Basulo prevents Sencer from going into the palace and tells him not to go into the palace because they are slandering him. Sencer says he trusts Malik Shah’s justice and needs to take the remains to the palace. The palace doctor says Guevara was pregnant and died from it.

Trunk Tells Sencer

The trunk tells Sencer to arrest system damage, but the system is defending him. Moreover the Sencer arrives at the palace with the relics and the Crown Prince wants to take the relics away from him. Sencer says he will only give the remains to the Sultan. Hassan thanked Sencer for bringing the relics and gave him some advice.

Tarkin’s Allegations

Further melik Shah takes the incarnation of Sencer and thanks him. Shortly after the incident, Tarkin began attacking Sencer. Therefore sencer says he is innocent and trusts the sultan’s justice. Nizam defended Sencer against Tarkin’s allegations. Malik Shah has ruled that there is no evidence to prove Sencer’s guilt, but that he was arrested through a fair trial.


In Episode 12, Sencer got wounded by Arslantas and Arslantas will let the Rustom run away from the hands of Sencer. Then Arslantas will catch Rustom and tell him the truth that he is his elder brother. While on the other hand, Malik will get furious on Nizam receives news that Arslantas betrayed the Sencer and let the Rustom run away.

Nizam to summon Sencer

Further sultan get furious on it and order Nizam to summon Sencer back to palace. Therefore sencer will tell Sultan that there is a traitor in the palace. On that Sultan get further angry with Sencer. While Batinis are going to blast the bombs and for that purpose, Nizam will set a trap for Chief Dai using the envoy of Fatimi Caliph. What will going to happen in Episode 12 further, will Rustom trust Arslantas and accept him as his brother? Will Sultan overlook Nizam and Sencer on that mistake of Arslantas? Will State stop the Batinis from exploding these bombs? Will Nizam capture Chief Dai with this trap?

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