Teskilat Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles

In the Teşkilat course of action, which will be as a troop chain. A story will be described a phenomenal unit working under the administration of the National Intelligence Service. The fighters of this Teşkilat enigmatic finished productive exceptional errands in the country and abroad. No one knows her, and in any case, when they were martyred, nobody knows why they were martyred. However, home is appreciative of these secret legends.

Episode 8 Review:
Mete, who was hit by a robot strike, is taken to the emergency clinic by the President. While Mete is going through a crisis medical procedure, Serdar, who, despite his earnest attempts, couldn’t forestall the death, is stunned by the episode. Albeit the group figured out how to get away from the snare set up by Fadi, Mete was shaken by the information on the assault on the President. The group meets at base camp and focuses on retaliating for Mete.
Despite each endeavor to arrive at Fadi, the culprit of the assault on Mete, Fadi has vanished. At last, a hint is found with space’s predominant exertion. Fadi’s nephew, Kasim Firawi, is booked to arrive at Fadi. Yet, there is a major issue, November is being held in an Israeli jail. Incapable to discover another approach to get to Fadi, the group sets up a cunning game to catch November. After discovering that Turkish insight is after his nephew Kasim, Fadi assembles every one of his way to forestall it.
After the November trade, the plane failed in midair and started to lose height. There is an incredible frenzy on the plane and a constrained arriving in Greece. This makes the emergency develop because November has a restriction on passage to Greece. Then again, different individuals from the group are shot after Ceren.
Serdar and Zahra have tense minutes at visa control, which they entered with Kassim. They decide to stay at the housing at the air terminal until the plane is fixed. Fadi is frustrated to find that the plane passing on his niece Kassim didn’t crash. He searches for the help of his friend Stefanos in Greece to hold Kassim back from being taken to Turkey.

Episode 7 Trailer:
Fadi is disillusioned to discover that the plane conveying his niece Kassim didn’t crash. The group catches the individual who took the photographs and grills them at central command. They are persuaded that Ceren isn’t translated by the setup game. Serdar and Zahra concluded that they should leave the country quickly.

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