Teskilat Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles

The Organization arrangement will cover the subject of public knowledge. It will manage the business and private existence of a unique group working in the public knowledge organization.
Teskilat describes the record of a phenomenal unit working under the National Intelligence Organization. The experts of this secretive affiliation have coordinated compelling interesting exercises in the country and abroad. They are not known to anyone, their character is secret and there is a mystery about their pasts and memoirs.
The insider facts and private presences of the understanding authorities, their families, and individual shows will be revealed. They should relinquish various things to become secret holy people.

Episode 7 Review:
In Episode 7, Serdar, Zahra, and Hulki, who put their lives at risk by giving up to forestall the fear-based oppressors’ slippery plans, face demise. Pinar and Haki, who are writers before the psychological oppressors around there, additionally come there. Fadi’s joy doesn’t keep going long, considering he’s killed the SİHA that he’s translated security conventions. Fadi, who comprehends the group’s down and is amazed by what befallen him, will be at risk for losing his position.
In this Episode, Upsetting Fadi’s plan, the group gets back to the nation to surge Hulki, whose condition is deteriorating, to the clinic. Hulki, who is being dealt with, is more worried about his dad than his wellbeing. Fadi’s disappointment causes a lot of uneasiness at the Company. Cornered by the Company’s choice, Fadi takes one final risk to substantiate himself.
In Episode 7, Related with endurance, Ceren gets guidelines from the Chief to murder Serdar. Ceren needs to satisfy this assignment to substantiate herself once more. Then, a video coursed online creates a ruckus. The group is on high alarm against an arranged death plot against a senior government official in Ankara.

Episode 8 Trailer:
In Episode 8, Mete, who was hit by a robot strike, is taken to a crisis facility by the President. While Mete is going through an emergency operation, Serdar, who, despite his sincere endeavors, couldn’t thwart the demise, is shocked by the event.
Regardless of each attempt to show up at Fadi, the offender of the attack on Mete, Fadi has disappeared. Finally, a sign is found with space’s transcendent effort. Fadi’s nephew, Kasim Firawi, is wanted to show up at Fadiye. In any case, there is a major issue, November is being held in an Israeli jail.

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