Teskilat Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles

Teşkilat (The Agency) will screen the fights, compensations, and responsibilities of the seven patriots who from a genuine perspective slipped underground, perceiving an irksome endeavor for their country that should give up their own lives and be imperceptible in swarms.
The surprising experiences of the National Intelligence Service are given to the substance; It is the initial gone through in a long time that making of this degree has been shot in the capital Ankara. In the course of action about the certifiable events and authentic holy people of Turkey’s arrangement of encounters; Sometimes in a death life war, every so often in a ring of fire, who are the scoundrels will be examined a ton an extraordinary arrangement.

Episode 6 Review:
Ceren, who was dazed when Serdar uncovered her character and proposed to her, doesn’t have even the remotest clue what to do despite this unforeseen move. A bewildering name from her past contacts Ceren, who sways even with this move when she thinks he is toward the place to pause.
Zayed Fadi is cornered after his most trusted delegate, Leyal is taken over by the gathering. Hulki and Leyal are constrained to recognize the proposition to be traded. The gathering leaves on an extraordinary game plan, organizing every movement to ensure that the exchange happens safely. They set out for the allotted space of northern Iraq with the ultimate objective of reconnaissance of the Pinar and Hakki. Serdar and Zahra, who took Leyal to space where the exchange will happen, face frightening stuns on the way.
Fadi makes his plans for the exchange. In cooperation with dread enemies around there, Fadi sets up a wicked course of action to change the spot into a bloodbath ensuing in saving Leyal. The gathering ends up in much more critical peril as they endeavor to get Hulki out of the catch safely.

Episode 7 Trailer:
Serdar, Zahra, and Hulki, who put their lives in danger by offering up to thwart the mental assailants’ dangerous plans, face passing. Fadi’s delight doesn’t continue going long, considering he’s executed the SİHA that he’s unwound security shows. Fadi’s mistake causes a great deal of disquiet at the Company. Cornered by the Company’s decision, Fadi faces one last challenge to prove himself. Related to unwavering quality, Ceren gets rules from the Chief to kill Serdar. Ceren needs to fulfill this endeavor to validate herself again.

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