Teskilat Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

In the previous episode 5, the secret mission team was surrounded by the German Police. but they needed to be saved because to the world, they were dead. Khulki was not in the cars, he shot at police cars, and Zehra drove the vehicle to the safe place. But Khulki knew that they had kept Serdar in police minibus. Moreover, they loaded explosives in the bus. The masses were crazy when they saw the posters and articles in the magazine. The Turks gathered around the building of the magazine’s publishing company to strike and raise their voices for their rights. The minibus was taken to that place, and Renor had to explode that bus amidst the crowd. After a lot of struggle, they managed to save Serdar. But now, Khulki was missing. To save his countrymen, he drives the bus away. Now, no one knew where he blew off with the bus or not in the blast. This twist of the plot was the saddest part of the episode. Well, later, it is revealed that Fadi captured Khulki.
In the early part of the episode, Khulkji made a video clip of Fadi’s men putting explosives in the police minibus. This clip was enough to round FADI’s mission. Renor mistakenly sends the video to the intelligence group of Turkey. Now, Fadi wanted the intelligence group to delete that video and take their man. But It was for sure that he wouldn’t release Khulki. The intelligence had to think of some alternative to save Khulki.
They come to know that Leyal came to Ankara. They followed her and set a trap to kidnap her.

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