Teskilat Episode 50 urdu and english subtitles

In Teskilat preceding episode Imagining that Leyal bear the snare set after his dying, Fadi desires to continue together along with his political race work, but while the toxin in his frame begins offevolved to provide results, he knows that his lifestyles is in harm’s way.

Believing that they have got completed their significant aim with Fadi’s harming, the institution plans to get again to the country, even as any other information shocks them! Also, the dangers of being translated emerge. Hakkı and Pınar make a pass to kill the chance with any other association.

Then once more, arrives at Yagmur as she maintains on trying to resolve the institution. She chooses to make use of her little woman Yagmur to translate Zehra. In the suggest time, even as searching on the information of the dialogue among Uzay, Amir and Fadi, he unearths large information and it’s miles perceived that a large attack is organized in opposition to Turkey.

Fadi has his unmistakable withinside the attack plan and the principle character who can prevent the attack is once more Fadi! This development likewise makes Fadi’s dying a main issue! Fadi, then once more, is in a hard state of affairs and is in a quite categorized building! The institution devises a lovely new association to penetrate the structure!


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