Teskilat Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

Teshkilat Episode 20
Review of Episode 19
Teshkilat is considered one of the best known series. It inspires many of the peoples and nations in the world. Many of the hard tasks are performed in the series. It provides the message of courage, motivation, mediation, dealing with the enemies and practicing to save ones own country. Without these efforts it becones difficult to survive for the nation. On the basis of the hardwork and sacrifices of some people, the whole country live a peacful life.
In this episode enemies were trying to harm the Turk Republic but due to the efforts of members of Mete it becomes impossible to harm their country. Khulki and Hulki performed their tasks well. They were sent to the jail inorder to save the Palestini Citizen. They performed their tasks in a most suitable way and find out their friend. They were filled with anger by seeing the brutality of the enemies. They escaped from the jail along with their Palestini friend. Enemies were surprised by seeing the efforts of the Turks. The enemies considered them different from the common people. On the other hand Sardar and Zahra were trying to unwrap the tricks of the infidels. Pinar and Gurjan were on their way to prevent the child from the enemies in their school. They were surprised. All the people were trying their best to prevent their own country.

What will be the next step of Mete? How they will uncover the tricks of their enimies? What will be the new tricks of the enemies? How long it will take to cover the enemies and send them to punishment?



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