Teskilat Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 1
This season depicts the silent efforts of heroes of countries who are never praised openly. The plot revolves around a group of intelligence agents who leave their families for a mission.
The first episode starts with a blast scene. Mete, an intelligence officer tries to console that poor little boy by promising that he will punish the people behind the attack. This young boy turns out to be a brave agent who’ll serve his nation in every possible way.
Then, there is a sequence when this grownup boy named Serdar puts himself in danger to kidnap a terrorist who was an agent of an organization working against Turkey. Zehra is another workaholic intelligence officer. It seems that she is battling to find peace and balance between her private and professional life. She is a divorced working lady with a seven years old daughter. She is seen struggling to convince her daughter to compromise and understand her mother’s duty emergencies.
The heads of an organization that is working to become dominant in Turkey were not happy with the performance of the Sheikh leader. Hence, they kill him, and a new ambassador named Fadi is introduced for the 6th region.
Serdar has a girlfriend named Jeren. Mr. Mete warns Serdar to investigate before getting involved in any serious relationship. Fadi’s men, Pascal and Renoy, plan to attack the SIHA program’s head engineer. They wanted to take all the essential data about SIHA. The next day, an attack on the SIHA engineer’s team and the head was shot dead. In the end, Pascal and Renoy were the wanted people by the intelligence agency of Turkey.
Mr. Mete is given the order to form a team comprising of the best people. He talks to Zehra. She says yes to the offer and agrees to leave her daughter for the national cause. Similarly, he talks to Hulki, Hukkay, Uzay, and Pinar. They are experts in their fields. They all agree to leave their families for the mission. Serdar visits an old workshop and finds that the data had been transferred. Now, the best team of Mr. Mete has been assigned the task to find Pascal and eventually retrieve the lost data of the SIHA program.
What are your expectations from this season? What tactics will this intelligence team apply to get the data back? The following episode will answer your questions to some extent.

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