Teskilat Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat closing Episode, Sorry for us Or something overlook it Here is the piracy reflex that I even have introduced with the ones years That’s precisely what we want this pirate reflex You have the ball I view your proposal undoubtedly I even have a effective view of your effective view of my proposal I suppose we can get alongside thoroughly with you I’ll come again a touch later to degree your blood strain You can settle on your room OK thank you My lovely what befell to me, dear? Are you exceptional how are you?
What befell this night like this? Tell me how did it happen? I exceeded in green. It become burning crimson to the alternative aspect however it didn’t prevent. Then he got here and hit me It become certainly weird. It become as though he did even like that. Does every body put on the mild withinside the united states now? Who will? Did you notice who did this? Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it. I like it Then after I opened my eyes. I become withinside the ambulance. Anyway, let’s get nicely soon. You’re alright.
I hate that device You understand I even have claustrophobia I don’t need to get into it۔ Don’t worry، I’ll be with you Good issue you got here۔ What befell in your forehead? So what? It looks as if it become drawn Slight bleeding۔ Well whilst I become seeking to get right here in panic my hand were given stuck in my foot۔ I become hit too. Can now no longer harm you Does your arm harm? Nothing exact It hurts a touch however I don’t have something too bad. They additionally wore a neck collar. Will you accompany our patient? Yes, You will likely degree your blood strain.
Congratulations, men you had been awesome. Not suspicious proper? No, he did now no longer suspect. But you have to have visible it withinside the van. He formally begged to take me to Berlin. Let’s go, Let’s get familiar with that buddy of yours now What are you doing? We’re after the tough disk. While Jeren become going to supply the tough disk Serdar crashed into his automobile How? Has he been hit tough? They didn’t prevent on the crimson mild, hit a left-again at a velocity of sixty-3 kilometres in keeping with hour. This is Serdar how can I say.
So you’re proper it isn’t always everyday? Who is that this buddy? Let me introduce buddies he’s our new cyber professional Gorjan. He is likewise the son of Mete Bey. Is he his son? Yes, But I suppose we will pass this useless detail. So till this time I become referred to as Gorjan Yucesoy, now no longer as Mete Yucesoy’s son From now on, I would love to be remembered for my abilities. Dayı Hakkı, Yes Is it always an uncle? Yes, why? I do now no longer understand it become a touch unusual In different words, it did now no longer suit the authentic company photograph in my mind. But regardless of what Gorjan Hakkı Bey’s surname is Uncle Is that so? OK, I’m additionally Hulki. This brother appeared a touch bit now no longer everyday to me. How approximately the Uzay? As I promised we’re seeking to enhance Mrs Zahra withinside the morning.



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