Teskilat Episode 16 Urdu Subtitles

What occurred in the last episode?

Serdar, who forestalled the arranged assault on the MIT working via plane, has vanished since that day. Looking for Serdar wherever in the mediating system, the group at long last finds the hints of their lost companions in Poland and makes a move. An unforeseen individual comes to the guide of Serdar, who is in a tough spot, yet Serdar has a major issue that will influence everybody profoundly. Then again, the group has a renewed individual to meet President Halit.

After Fadi’s demise, the organization picks another name for the sixth Region, which incorporates Turkey. This individual is Yıldırım, whom President Halit is very much familiar with. Yıldırım’s first obligation is to give an illustration to the Turkish state, which has sped up its boring exercises lately, before the world popular assessment.
Teskilat (The Agency) Episode 16 Summary

The Mavi Vatan transport, which incorporates Zehra’s ex Kemal as a specialist, was exploded by an invading ‘Sleeper’ named Simon. With the effect of the blast, the chance of a natural debacle in the Eastern Mediterranean emerges. While it was chosen to lay out a worldwide insightful commission to reveal insight into the occurrence, Turkey would confront weighty punishments because of the choices of this commission.

Then again, Ceren was gotten by the group. Ceren’s data is fundamental, yet Ceren advances an exceptionally basic condition to talk. In spite of the fact that Serdar’s circumstance works step by step, Zehra actually has questions. The group, then again, needs to get the proof that will uncover how was treated the Blue Homeland was subverted as quickly as time permits. In accordance with this objective, they take Ceren with them and leave on a troublesome excursion. Notwithstanding, major amazement anticipates his group on this excursion.


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