Teskilat Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat recounts the narrative of a unique unit working under the National Intelligence Organization. The specialists of this mysterious association have led fruitful extraordinary activities in the country and abroad. They are not known to anybody, their character is the mystery and there is a secret about their pasts and biographies.
The secrets and private existences of the insight officials, their families, and individual dramatizations will be uncovered. They should forfeit numerous things to become secret saints.

Review Episode 12:
Feeling that he has endured the snare set after Leyal’s demise, Fadi needs to continue his constituent work, yet when the toxic substance in his body starts to produce results, he understands that his life is in harm’s way. They are stunned by another information as the group plans to get back to the country after Fadi’s harming! In addition, the perils of translating emerge.
Haki and Pinar act to kill the threat with another arrangement. Ceren arrives at Yagmur as they keep on attempting to interpret the group. He chooses to utilize his girl Rain to unravel Zahra. In the meantime, Uzay acquires significant data while looking into the meeting records among Amir and Fadi and it is perceived that a significant assault against Turkey is arranged.
Fadi’s mark is on the assault plan, and Fadi’s the one in particular who can stop it! This advancement likewise makes Fadi’s demise a major issue! Fadi is in a difficult situation and a highly confidential structure! The group brings forth an awesome new arrangement to penetrate the structure.
Fadi, who is brought to Turkey, is interrogated concerning the arranged assault on Kale, yet leaves the inquiries unanswered. Regardless of Fadi’s catch, the Chief trains Ceren to proceed with her excellent assault plan. Because of the assessments made at the base camp, it is concluded that the street has arrived at the end for Ceren. The activity is intended to catch Ceren with every one of her associations, particularly the Chief. In the interim, fear-based oppressors who go to the country for the huge assault appear on TVs with the instrument, they have set up and conveyed intimidations.

Trailer Episode 13:
Looking for changed approaches to arrive at the subtleties of the arranged assault, Uzay needs Gurcan to follow the cash moved by Fadi. Extraordinary shocks anticipate them as the group battles from all sides to forestall the enormous assault on Kale.

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