Teskilat Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles

In the Teşkilat gathering, to be inside the state of a troop chain. A story can be taught concerning an uncommon unit running under the organization of the countrywide Intelligence transporter. The infantrymen of this Teşkilat secret achieved effective interesting activities concerning us of and abroad. Nobody knows her, or even after they had been martyred, nobody knows why they have been martyred. The regardless neighborhood is appreciative of these secretive blessed individuals.

Review Episode 11:
Fadi needs Kasim to abstain from, the most serious risk to the political race he is wanting to enter. Distinguishing that Fadi has lost his trust and expecting to validate himself, Leyal acts oblivious to him and trains Ceren to find Kasim.
Meanwhile, the gathering is working fervently to show up at Fadi. Considering the information given by Kasim, Fadi’s youngster, who is stowed away from everyone, is reached. It is presumed that Pinar and Haki will go to Paris, where Fadi’s youngster is found. Gurcan joins the couple for their first field task. Right when he’s with Serdar, the pair are gotten in a catch. Serdar is tortured and constrained to uncover to him where Kasim is.
To appear as Fadi’s child Amir, Pinar is needed to recognize a circumstance at the online media affiliation run by Amir under a phony character. Pinar, who is planning for the social event with the assistance of Gürcan, ought to astonish Amir. Will the capital of appraisal be the start of the end for Fadi?
Fadi, who feels that he has moved away from the catch set after Leyal’s end, necessities to proceed with his political decision work from the latest huge point of convergence, regardless, when the toxic substance in his body begins to make results, he appreciates that his life is at serious risk.

Trailer Episode 12:
Thinking they have completed their fundamental objective with Fadi’s hurting, the gathering intends to return to the country, while another news staggers them! Furthermore, the dangers of being uncovered. Hakkı Dai and Pınar take an action to clear out the danger with another course of action.
As Ceren continues endeavoring to decipher the gathering, she shows up at Yağmur. He decides to use his young lady Yağmur to disentangle Zehra. Meanwhile, while taking a gander at the records of the conversations between Uzay, Amir, and Fadi, he shows up at critical information and it is seen that a huge attack is orchestrated against Turkey.

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