Teskilat Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

Teşkilat (The Agency) will screen the battles, pay, and duties of the seven nationalists who from a certifiable viewpoint slipped underground, seeing an annoying undertaking for their country that should surrender their own lives and be indistinct in swarms.
Teskilat portrays the record of a remarkable unit working under the National Intelligence Organization. The specialists of this cryptic connection have composed convincing fascinating activities with regards to the country and abroad. They are not known to anybody, their character is a mystery and there is a secret about their pasts and journals.

Episode 9 Review:
After the November exchange, the plane fizzled in midair and began to lose rise. There is an unfathomable free for on the plane and a compelled showing up in Greece. This causes the crisis to create because November has a limitation on a section to Greece. On the other hand, various people from the gathering are caught following Ceren.
Serdar and Zahra have tense minutes at ID control, which they entered with Kassim. They decide to stay at the motel at the air terminal until the plane is fixed. Fadi is disappointed to find that the plane passing on his niece Kassim didn’t crash. He searches for the help of his buddy Stefanos in Greece to hold Kassim back from being taken to Turkey.
The gathering gets the person who took the photos and barbecues them at headquarters. They are convinced that Ceren isn’t deciphered by the setup game. Meanwhile, the Chief teaches Ceren in regards to his new mission and asks that Serdar is responsible for being unwound.
Understanding that Fadi was after them after the mistake of the plane was asserted to be achieved by damage, Serdar and Zahra presumed that they should leave the nation rapidly. Right when Stefanos appears at the hotel with his men, an irksome flight plan is set up to get away from Greece.

Episode 10 Trailer:
Ceren acts to acquire basic data about Koral’s establishment with the guidance she got from the Chief. The group shows up in Syria with the payload plane conveying Koral frameworks and starts tuning in to Fadi’s bookkeeper with the arrangement they have set up at the air terminal. From the discussions they tune in to, they discover that Fadi is coming to Syria. Detecting a shortcoming of the bookkeeper, the group sets up a cunning game to wipe out Fadi.

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