Teskilat S2 EP 45 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat S2 EP 45 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat episode 45 in Urdu and English

In previous episode Halit Baskan killed his little girl Ceren, imploded on Serdar Yıldırım’s neck.Halit Baskan shot and killed his girl Ceren in the neck with a weapon. Serdar put a weapon to Yıldırım’s head.While Ceren’s body was being placed in a sack, Halit Baskan told Serdar that Ceren would be covered in the burial ground of the homeless.eren’s demise changes the equilibrium of the entire group, particularly Halit. A page in Halit’s past is shut when it is uncovered that Ceren is the little girl of Halit Baskan, whom he thought kicked the bucket quite a while back.
This scene affirmed the takeoff of Ezgi Eyüboğlu, who had been accounted for to leave the series for some time. After what occurred, while Halit Baskan made a vow to kill Yıldırım, Serdar put a firearm to Yıldırım’s head. Nonetheless, Yıldırım’s men encompassed Serdar. Yıldırım’s inquiry “Did they send you to get me?” drew consideration. All in all, will Serdar or Yıldırım bite the dust? Nonetheless, another explanation has arisen to take Yıldırım. Serdar will be the greatest ally of Halit, who is after Yıldırım. Serdar additionally has something to gain from Yıldırım about his dad. Whenever they attempt to arrive at Yıldırım, an unexpected name shows up before them.
Then again, it is uncovered that the danger of assault against the guard frameworks actually proceeds. To forestall this risk, it is important to arrive at the fear based oppressor codenamed ‘Teşkilat’. Then again, the objectives of the Doctor and Yıldırım are the legends of the Istiklal Project. While the group is attempting to ruin this assault from all sides, another risk looks for them.

The series will be refreshed on May 2st


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