Teskilat S2 EP 38 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat S2 EP 38 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In the past episode, critical activity from the group! The group pursues one of the ‘Sleepers’ with the new intel they get. In any case, there is a significant impediment they should defeat to arrive at their objectives. The crypto they are attempting to catch is vital for potential assaults on Turkey.
With the new data, the team pursues one of the ‘Sleepers.’ However, there is a critical hindrance they should defeat to accomplish their goals. The data they are endeavouring to get is basic for expected attacks on Turkey.

On the opposite side, the firm discusses freely its disappointment with Yldrm’s endeavours in the sixth district. Whenever Yildirim comprehends that the ball is in his mouth on the Company’s side, he executes his new arrangement, which places Turkey in a forlorn position. The group starts to follow the compound that should be snuck into Turkey as a feature of Yildirim’s arrangement on account of a piece of information they found. While the activity is basic for Turkey’s standing, Ceren, who was recruited by Yildirim, is anticipating an incredible astonishment.
The group chases after the transporter containing the synthetic substances. Whenever they observe the transporter, they experience a surprising misfortune during the activity. After this misfortune, the aggressive group joins around another reason, and the people who incur this misfortune for them will address a weighty cost.

Hakkı, who is on a mysterious mission, attempts to interpret Yıldırım’s new arrangement to help the group, yet new unforeseen advancements put his life in harm’s way. While Halit is squeezing Ceren for Yıldırım’s turn, Ceren is frantically ready to be protected in her phone.

Whenever Yıldırım’s arrangement to pirate synthetics into Turkey is hampered by the group’s simple to use activity, Yıldırım goes to his new objective. The size of this target is bigger than expected. While our group is attempting to stop Yıldırım, Mete should settle on an extremely challenging choice.


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