Teskilat S2 EP 33 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat S2 EP 33 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Preview of the last episode, “Doomsday is drawing closer!” he makes a wreck by saying. Notwithstanding being remembered for the venture later, Hakan Boyav’s destiny in the Teskilat series, which is an irreplaceable entertainer for the crowd, came to the front. Regardless of whether the personality of Tövbekar, who was hit by a blade because of surprising him from behind, would lose his life was under critical examination.
Just after Yahya’s endeavour on his life, he said, ‘Don’t look, my child is innocent, time is short. What we will discuss is significant, but that tea!’ The personality of Tövbekar, who said, transformed the series.
Yildirim, who has been managed one more pass up the homicide of Elçi, is seeking after an enormous exploitative. The methodology that Nemesis executed as its initial step will likewise be the beginning of a chain of occasions that will essentially affect Turkey overall. The crew is defied with another reality during the activity to sort out what Yildirim’s arrangement is. This conflict shows new plans that are filled with blemishes.

Halit, then again, gains some new useful knowledge about his girl. Halit shoots Yildirim from a startling area considering this new data. Serdar faces startling new shocks when Nemesis shows up, similarly as he and Zehra are on the mark of death.
The 33rd episode of Teskilat in Urdu will be uploaded 7th of February


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