Teskilat S2 EP 31 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat S2 EP 31 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In the last episode; Listening to the sound accounts containing Yıldırım’s mystery plans, Zehra gave a strong setting to the fear monger through her canine Loca in the Teşkilat series. ‘They take you with all your dedication and cover you someplace. Nobody can even track down his carcass.’ His words and the canine relationship he made turned into an occasion. Here the 31st episode of Teşkilat will be delivered in Urdu captions.
In the well-known TV series Teşkilat, Zehra slapped the psychological oppressor in the way that the men she worked with had effectively forfeited her and they didn’t mind at all. While she was hitting the way that she got no opportunity of endurance except if she was taken under security in the Agency, that name, understanding that she had been deceived, hopped into her blood.
These left the Lodge before the house. They got in their vehicle, drove and left. I’ll always remember, it was a blustery day. The canine just gazed after them until they cruised all over the side of the road. Helpless it. I’m certain those neighbours additionally moaned, then, at that point, turned on their cherished music and went to their homes to play bye.

After they left, this Lodge didn’t take off from their home briefly. I gave a supper or two, no, the creature doesn’t move. Then, at that point, I woke up around evening time to wild barks. I saw that the homeless canines had gotten it. I took it hard from them. Since that day he has been faithful to me and I to him. At the end of the day, the Lodge nearly passed on from steadfastness. It sounds to me like you would as well. Very much like the Lodge, you hazard passing since you are steadfast. He transformed Teşkilat (The Agency) with his words.

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