Teskilat Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles

The memories of Turkey’s unsung heroes could be screened for the primary time withinside the Teshkilat with all their reality. The actors, who will supply lifestyles to the heroes of the series, did in-intensity studies to restore their characters; they obtained schooling from the files of actual activities and from the specialists of the subject. The breathtaking memories of the top notch achievements of the Turkish country wide intelligence due to the fact that its established order could be found out withinside the Teshkilat.
Teshkilat will inform the tale of a completely unique crew of exceedingly gifted and fearless contributors of the intelligence agency, similar to in actual lifestyles. And withinside the first episode, there could be quite a few speak approximately the “death” selection taken with the aid of using the seven patriotic heroes for themselves.
After the assassination try on Simon on the fee assembly, a country of emergency is asserted on the pinnacle degrees of the country. While all commissioners are taken into consideration the standard suspects, the crew engages in a feverish look for the crime weapon. The most effective manner to shed mild at the case is to show David, who done the assassination.
Returning domestic to reunite together along with her daughter, Zahra is bowled over with the aid of using the pictures she unearths on her ex-spouse Jemal’s computer. Zahra makes a decision to open the veil of secrecy with the aid of using following those pictures that shed mild on Serdar’s misplaced month and a half. Yildiram, who desires to nook the Turkish country, assigns Chetin to save you David’s capture. While jeran returns to her vintage lifestyles to keep away from being exposed, Serdar’s suspicions approximately jeran continue.
Zahra is stored way to Mete President. Zahra, who desires to clear up the thriller of what occurred in Serdar’s lacking 1.five months, is decided now no longer to allow it go. As the assembly of Jeran and Yıldıram drags Serdar to any other path, the portions slowly start to fall into place.
The crew, which could be very satisfied with the go back of Mete President, is looking ahead to an vital and tough task. The crew that is going after Ariel, who’s accountable for the deliver attack, encounters a huge marvel in Syria.


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