Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Prime Minister of Seljuk Empire

Abu Ali Hassan ibn Ali Tusi was a great scholar and a magnificent vizier of the Seljuk Empire. They were given a lot of titles at different phases of his life in which title Nizam ul Mulk was famous even at that peak that he is known in the world with this title. He is famous for establishing a number of schools like Baghdad, Isfahan, Nishapur, and many more. He is also writing an intellectual book named “Siyasat Nama” (book of government) 

Seljuk Empire

They were born in a small village of Iran, Radka. Seljuk Turks defeated Ghaznavids. He moved to Ghazni with his father. He stayed there for a few years and left Ghaznavid court and joined service with Seljuk. After the death of the Turkoman founder of the Seljuk empire, On April 27, 1064, Alp Arsalan with the help of Nizam ud din Malik defeated the KutalmishTurkish prince whose son founded the sultanate of Rum which is now known as Turkey). 

Seljuk kingdom

When Alp Arslan gained power in the Seljuk kingdom. They without any further decision made Nizam ul Mulk his Vizir. He remained the Vizier in the dictatorship of Alp Arsalan and Malik Shah I. He got his famous title there. Alp Arslan handed the domestic affairs to Nizam because his area of focus was a military empire.

Alp Arsalan

Nizam went along with Alp Arsalan everywhere either on journeys or campaigns. There might be a few ones in which he wasn’t present. In March 1064, Alp Arsalan with his son Malik Shah and Nizam fought in Byzantine Armenia, they were successful and captured the city Ani in Armenia. Nizam and Alp Arsalan even went into the Caucasus, from where they reached Georgia. Rule IV there made peace with Alp Arsalan by allowing him to marry his niece. Nizam alone made many journeys like he succeeded the citadel of Estakhr(an ancient city in France) from shabankara(name of Iranian nomads) who was ahead of a tribe called Fallujah in 1067. All these campaigns made him stronger and famous. 

Nizam ud din Malik

After the murder of Alp Arsalan in 1072, Malik Shah shah appointed as his heir. He worked for twenty years for Malik Shah. During the reign of Malik Shah, the Seljuk empire was attacked. By Qaisar-e-Rom, Malik shah also got ready to fight back. He was hunting while going for the fight while hunting he was captured by soldiers of Qaisar and incarcerated. During this situation, the wise Nizam handled the situation. He announced that Malik shah has returned from hunting and he will go to meet the ruler of Qaisar-e-Rom. When he went there, the ruler of Qaisar-e-Rom tried to impress him and asked him to take the captured soldiers back.

Malik shah

During the last few years of his duty the enemies deprived Malik shah of his honesty, in a result of this Malik Shah took his status as Prime Minister back but his respect around the empire remained the same. 

They were a very pious man, he used to quit everything on the call of azan. He married the niece of Bagrat IV who was previously married to Alp Arsalan. He has twelve sons but the most famous of them all was Ahmad ibn e Nizam ul Mulk. They served as vizier of the Seljuk empire too.

When he was going from Isfahan to Baghdad on 10 Ramadan, 485 A. H. It is said that he was stabbed in the heart. Further by the dagger of a member of the Assassins who was sent by Hassan bin Sabah. He came as a dervish to kill him. 

Hassan Bin Sabah

Hassan bin sabah was his class fellow, he came to meet Nizam and he introduced him to malik shah but after some issues he went and captured Almaut castle(Qila Almaut)  there he created his Assassins who killed famous personalities of Islam and also attacked Sultan Salahaudin Ayubi several times but they failed every time and they killed Nizam ul mulk

There are several debates and stories about his death in literature but this one is the strongest one. Further, the World will know Nazim malik for his excellent services and bravery that expanded Islam to the corners of world. He is buried in isfahan

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