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A story about the Seljuk Empire

“The Rise of Seljuk Empire”

Seljuk empire map in the history of famous Muslims empire the last one is the Seljuk empire which was a Sunni Muslim empire. Which was based on Persian and later Turcko-Persian culture. Its roots were in coastal lands of the Aral Sea. It was based on a group of Qiniq branch called Oghuz (Shepherds living in the mountain valley between China and Turkistan). It was the most important reign which was based on the teachings of Islam. Seljuk empire map after this, Oghuz shifted to Turkistan. They were famous in the Islamic world by slaves, raiders, mercenaries. After their shifting in Turkistan, they started dealing with merchants. Ben was a wise man and he dealt with the issues of Turkistan greatly. 

Seljuk ibn Yakka

On the other hand, Oghuz was in the hands of Seljuk ibn Yakka. Yakka was famous for his bravery and strength. Ben was also impressed by the Yakka. But unfortunately, in 1030. There was a dispute and he was captured by Ghaznavid Sultanate. Later he died and his son Seljuk was his heir. Who named the Seljuk dynasty. The encampment of Turk tribes leads to turkicization of those areas.

Grandson of Seljuk

The grandson of Seljuk(son of yakka) named Tughril baig with his brother Chaghri fought to capture Merv and Nishapur. They also traded and raided areas Khorasan and Balkh. They also laid off Ghazni in 1037. After the battle of Dandanaqan in 1040, they defeated the Ghaznavids and forced them to give areas of western territory to Seljuks

Abbasid Khalifa

On the day of 10th September 1048. Ibrahim Yinal(brother of Tughril) in the battle of Petrou attack on Byzantine frontier region Iberi and they fought with fifty thousand Byzantine and Georgian army soldiers. The devastation by Seljuk powerfully impacted people. Ibn al Athir said that Ibrahim brought one lac captives and booty on camels. After that Tughral conquered Baghdad from Shia Buyids (Buyids dynasty) which was under the commission of Abbasid Khalifa. 

Seljuk Turks

The son of Tughral Baig Alp Arsalan along with his Vizir Nazim ud din malik from 1064 to 1073 invaded and added more areas to the Seljuk empire like Armenia, Georgia, Byzantine empire, Anatolia, kvelistsikhe, Aegen sea, South Eastern Anatolia, Izmir, etc. Alp Arslan’s peace with Asia was completely in favor of Seljuk Turks. His magnificent victory at the Battle of Manzikert in 1071.

Eastern Roman Empire

Invaded Byzantine and resistance to the Turkish conquest of Anatolia was finished by him. The battle of Manzikert was famous for centuries. That the generations used to claim our ancestors fought that day. Further, it finished the Eastern Roman Empire

Syria to Yemen

After Alp Arsalan his son, Malik shah took the sultanate at its territorial peak because they covered lands from Syria to Yemen, and from Anatolia to china, which had JerusalemDamascusAleppoMosul, Antioch, and Baghdad caved in. They invaded places till the border of China.  His Vizir worked for the betterment of areas and also increased educational facilities.

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