Seddulbahir Episode 4

The First World War stays ongoing and the Ottoman Empire needs new squaddies. Sergeant Mehmet writes a letter and tells his personal family that he is doing well. Meanwhile, Major Mahmud Sabri prepares his squaddies closer to the British assault. The British need to go through Canakkale to take Istanbul. Ottoman squaddies started out to defend the Canakkale Strait closer to the British, French, Anzac, and enemy squaddies from many specific countries. Hussein talks to the squaddies who came to his village and is derived to a choice to sign up withinside the strugglefare to appearance his father for the last time. Hassan, the son of Ramiz, cannot with out problem take shipping of this separation.

Although Ottoman squaddies were fewer than the British in number, they endured to shield the homeland. Liman Pasha insists that the ones attacks are fake and does now now no longer deliver assist to Seddulbahir. Cevat Pasha cannot apprehend the choice of Marshal Liman now now no longer to deliver assist and sends an tour organization to Seddulbahir. Major Mahmud Sabri learns that the British are slowly advancing on the shore and sends the last squaddies on the front. Nurse Zeliha asks the injured squaddies who come to the number one beneficial useful resource tent wherein Hussein is and whether or not or now no longer he is alive. Major Mahmud Sabri involves a choice a counterattack to save you the British enhance, and Turkish troops begin the assault.

Turkish squaddies pass lower back to the headquarters after the assault. Hussein’s friends are involved about him and they’re looking to find out wherein he is. Mehmet learns that his son is going to strugglefare but is not lower back. This statistics makes Mehmet very sad. Major Mahmud Sabri holds a brief meeting with the officers and talks about the present day events. Major Mahmud Sabri makes a trendy plan to save you the British enhance and tells the plan to officers. Mehmet talks to Major and says he wants to be part of the tour organization to call his son. Major Mahmud Sabri accepts this offer. Hussein hides maximum of the useless squaddies and sneaks up after the British pass. Mehmet returns to the battlefield and starts offevolved seeking out his son. Meanwhile, Hussein secretly techniques the British and watches
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