Seddulbahir Episode 3

Seddulbahir 32 Saat Episode 3
Review of Episode 2
In the previous episode, He tells his plan to the officers to stop the British earlier. Mehmat says that there is a need to meet with the expedition group to do a conversation with his son. Then Ramiz tells about the letter to be taken to the village. While Hussein hi himself by coming close to the British soldiers. Mehmet reaches the lifeless frame and looks at his son. They can’t appear like Hussein and assume he has been captured by the enemy troops. Major Sabri is going to assist Mehmet along with his many soldiers. When they’re looking for Hussein, they are attacked by the enemy troops the British. The most important attempt to guard Mehmet. Hussein appears and attacks the British soldiers like a lion. Mehmet feels that his son is alive now. They pass lower back to the headquarter but Hussein is nevertheless not reached. Major Mehmud competes with the assault at 3 a.m. Hussein is going to the headquarters and Zeliha sees him and hugs him warmly. They try their best to stop the enemy and but after that, they begin bombing the trenches of Turkish. Zeliha is involved to take Hussein. Hussein injured.
Zuliha is worried about Hussein and she also wants to work for her country voluntarily. Her mother stops her but she refused to do so. She has a keen desire to serve his country’s soldiers. She finds Hussein in the tents and becomes very happy. Later she becomes sad when she knows that Hussein is moving away from the tent to fight with the enemies.
What will be the next step of the Commander? How they will compete with the British soldiers? What will their new concerns about the enemies be? How the enemy will protect its troops from the attack?


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