Seddulbahir Episode 2

The First World War continues to be ongoing and the Ottoman Empire desires new infantrymen. Sergeant Mehmet writes a letter and tells his own circle of relatives that he’s doing well. Meanwhile, Major Mahmud Sabri prepares his infantrymen towards the British assault. The British need to undergo Canakkale to take Istanbul. Ottoman infantrymen began out to guard the Canakkale Strait towards the British, French, Anzac, and enemy infantrymen from many one-of-a-kind countries. Hussein talks to the infantrymen who got here to his village and comes to a decision to enroll in the conflict to look his father for the remaining time. Blacksmith Ramiz volunteers and leaves his little son with Hatice. Hassan, the son of Ramiz, can’t without difficulty be given this separation.

Although Ottoman infantrymen had been fewer than the British in number, they persisted to guard the homeland. Major Mahmud Sabri is seeking out a manner to assist his infantrymen. Liman Pasha insists that those assaults are faux and does now no longer ship assist to Seddulbahir. Cevat Pasha can’t apprehend the choice of Marshal Liman now no longer to ship assist and sends an day trip institution to Seddulbahir. Major Mahmud Sabri learns that the British are slowly advancing at the shore and sends the remaining infantrymen at the front. Nurse Zeliha asks the injured infantrymen who come to the primary resource tent in which Hussein is and whether or not he’s alive. Major Mahmud Sabri comes to a decision a counterattack to prevent the British increase, and Turkish troops start the assault.

Turkish infantrymen go back to the headquarters after the assault. Hussein’s pals are concerned approximately him and they are attempting to discover in which he’s. Mehmet learns that his son goes to battle however isn’t always back. This information makes Mehmet very sad. Major Mahmud Sabri holds a quick assembly with the officials and talks approximately the modern day events. Major Mahmud Sabri makes a brand new plan to prevent the British increase and tells the plan to officials. Mehmet talks to Major and says he desires to be a part of the day trip institution to name his son. Major Mahmud Sabri accepts this offer. Then Ramiz talks to Mehmet and reads the letter from the village to him. Hussein hides the various useless infantrymen and sneaks up after the British go. Mehmet returns to the battlefield and begins offevolved seeking out his son. Meanwhile, Hussein secretly tactics the British and watches them. Mehmet and Ramiz can’t locate Hussein and assume that he may also had been stuck through the British.

Mehmet makes a plan to assault the British caught in a village and takes movement immediately. Turkish infantrymen put together grenades and begin looking forward to an assault order. The British commander takes movement to completely seize the village and kill the Turks. As Mehmet and the infantrymen put together for the assault, the order to withdraw will marvel them. Ramiz and the infantrymen make a choice together. This choice isn’t always to be withdrawn. A ultimate institution of Turkish infantrymen says they do now no longer need to retreat and need to withstand the British till they die. Hussein returns to the headquarters and conveys what Mustafa Kemal informed him. Hussein learns that Major will visit assist Seddulbahir and asks for permission to go along with him. Meanwhile, Mehmet can’t stand any further and is going to talk to the British infantrymen at the doorway of the village. Mehmet asks the British why they got here right here and what they’re doing right here.


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