Mendirman Jalaluddin Episode12 Urdu English Subtitles

Jalaluddin visited Behram’s shop and invited him to his wedding. Behram was very proud of this invitation and said that he would prepare dresses for Kotlu.

Turkan learned that Shirin’s mother was sick and gave permission to Shirin to go to her mother. Behram realized that Jalaluddin had learned everything and took action accordingly.

Turkan learned that Jalaluddin would soon marry Kotlu. While Alauddin was talking about Subutai, Turkan came and said that she didn’t allow Jalaluddin’s marriage, but the Sultan said it might happen.

Akshah told Jalaluddin that he saw Kotlu within the market and she did something secret. Kotlu then asked Jalaluddin to save her. Uzlag said he would take Shirin to see her mother.

When Kotlu was sent to her room, she learned that her brother would die if she didn’t kill Jalaluddin. Aycicek and Turkan argued over the wife, Jalaluddin chose for himself.

Najm Al-Din Kubra spoke to Jalaluddin and asked him to save Kotlu. While Uzlag was on the way with Shirin, Subutai attacked them but failed. Sheikh then visited Kotlu and asked her why she was so upset.

Kotlu said she wanted to tell her secrets but didn’t have enough courage. After a brief time, celebrations started within the palace. Jalaluddin brought Kotlu to the garden of the palace and everybody gave them gifts.

Later, Alauddin gave gold to those that came to the palace. Sheikh married Kotlu to Jalaluddin and prayed for them.

Everyone within the palace began to eat. One among Behram’s men tried to kill Jalaluddin, but the guards caught him. The capture of the maid who poisoned the drink scared Behram and he tried to flee from the palace.

Timur caught Behram. Jalaluddin visited his room with Kotlu. Just as Jalaluddin was close to start to start Kotlu, Kotlu confessed everything and told him that she was a spy working for Genghis.

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