KO Episode 115

Kurulus Usman Episode 115
Review of Episode 114
Turgut immediately begins investigating Inegol’s latest situation. Olof starts screaming from the ramparts and says he will kill Turgut soon. Olof executes the Turks while Turgut tries to make sense of the situation with the castle’s soldiers. Turgut is furious and returns to his tribe. Usman says he is aware of Olof’s plans and that he will not attack him for a while. Konur tells what Olof did in the castle and says some of the guards were traitors. Usman says he believes Ismihan is innocent in the matter. Sometime later, Usman receives a message from Konya. Usman says that Neiman came to the palace with a large army. Marhan asks how many are in Neyman’s army. Usman says the army is 40,000 and a plan needs to be put in place to stop them.
Usman then visits Kalesi and gives him some gifts. Usman says he wants to fight the Mongols and gives Kalesi some of his sites near the Byzantine border. Karesi says he understands what Usman is up to and he wants to think about this offer for a while. Selktai meets Hristo in the forest, is given a priest’s robe, and enters Inegol. Aktemr and Usur start arguing. Bayindir says that Usman’s offer puts Karesi in a difficult situation and Aktemur is a very impulsive boy. Marhun is very worried about Orhan and starts praying to Allah. Sheikh calms down Marhan and asks him to be more patient. Serkhtai and Urgen go to church. Olof says he will raise a new army made up entirely of Christians in Inegol and asks the priest for help in this matter.
How to overcome the coming challenges for the tribe? What would be the solution of conflicts in the tribe? Will it be possible for the tribe to sustain in this situation? How to make the tribe meaningful and combined?

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