Kurulus Osman Episode 61 Urdu

In Kurulus Osman Episode 60, Osman want to do something for his people. So he converses with his Sheikh and the other people in the market. Osman likes the food which Zoe is selling in the market and orders to buy all the food for wedding. Then he goes to the white beard for the conversation. Togay investigates his soldiers to know who leaks the information to Yargucu. Camuha does not want to sacrifice further more soldiers and admit his mistake admits to notifying Yargucu. Nikola is furious because Osman and Umur became deep friends due to the marriage. They became more powerful to fight against Togay. Camuha tells that he can do anything for the Togay. Togay does not want to work further for the governor and is trying to take revenge by sheding blood of Osman. The White beard leader was happy with the Osman’s efforts for the Turks in Anatolia and. Osman tells him about the marriagre with the Malhun soon, white beards says that he is aware of this news already and wants to give him a precious gift of his father Suleman Sha. Togay want to take revege but some soldiers are not prepared to involve in this matter and leave the Togay’s army. Togay was very angry and orders to cut down their heads for lesson. Many of the soldiers are trying to join Osmans Army for the noble cause. Sheikh ready the Osman to marry Malhun. Camuha says that Osman goes to the Domanic plateau with the turk trib. Togay realizes that this is right time to take revenge from Osman by killing the turks involved in this matter the way to the plateau. Osman marries with Malhun by following Religious Culture and gain prays from the tribe.This is the night of celebration all were very happy. Bala is upset because of that. Umer is preparing his army for the next attack . Osman gains congratulations from the tribe. The Sultan’s Emir comes to compliment and converses with Osman. Emir says that the Sultan knows it all and is setting up a military. Osman expresses gratitude toward Sultan for what he did and says that he is sitting tight for Sultan’s troopers. Umur says he will battle for Osman with his whole clan. Bamsi says that the Turks will join soon. Nikola gives his fighters to Togay and wants to slaughter the Turks. Togay sets out with the officers to lay out a snare. Osman goes to Sogut and strolls around the market with Sheik. Osman discusses the advancements he needs to make on the lookout and calls the owner of that house to purchase a house. The owner of the structure goes to Sheik’s shop. Osman talks reasonably to this man, yet the man says he won’t sell his home. Osman discovers that Togay is setting out with Nikola’s fighters and discovers that he will assault the Turks. While Togay looks out for the path to the level, he sees that the Turks are under the administration of Bamsi. Togay attacks Bamsi with a bolt and the Mongols start to assault. An incredible conflict starts between the two militaries. Bamsi says he has been quietly hanging tight for Abdul Rahman’s retribution for quite a while and assaults Togay. Togay and Bamsi attack each other and get injured tightly.
What will do Nikola and Togay? How Osman will be going to take the revenge of Bamsi? What will Turks do? To know the answers of all the quire keep watching Historic Series and and watch Kurulus Osman episode 61

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