Kurulus Osman Episode 60 Urdu

In Kurulus Osman Episode 59, simultaneously, Togay’s warriors assault Umur’s tribe. At the point when the Turkish archers begin assaulting, Umur figures out how to escape with wounds. Malhun and the fighters attempt to protect the tribe however Mongolians execute a great deal of guiltless individuals. Camuha orders his fighters to move back from the tribe. Malhun helps the injured people of the tribe after the assault

Osman gets back to his tent and begins to consider where Umur is. Gunduz says that Umur is doing secret business. In the mean time, an Alp comes from the tribe of Umur and says that the Mongols assaulted and they are suffering from great loss. Osman says that he will retaliate for this assault and quickly decides to go to Umur’s tribe. At the point when Umur gets back to his tribe, he sees the deadbodies of the inhabitants and children. He comes to know that he has fallen into a snare. Umur understands the aftereffect of his actions and thinks twice about it. Togay gets back to the base in the woodland and thinks Osman is aware of Umur’s assault plan.

Umur laments the mix-up he made and is disheartened by the honest individuals who kicked the bucket. Malhun understands that her dad planned to assault Togay and requests that he disclose to Osman the real factors. While Osman is attempting to reinforce the guard of the tribe, a box sent by Togay shows up. Osman reads the note that emerged from the box and discovers that the agreement become nomore of further value on account of what Umur did. Afterthat, Umur comes and admits everything. Osman says that Umur makes colossal issues. Umur says that he feels regretful on the grounds that guiltless individuals passed on and that he has been against Osman this time.

While Sheik converses with the dervishes, Osman goes to the dervish resident. Osman says that Umur assaulted Togay and that is the reason everything was obliterated. Sheik Edebali tells that Osman is trying to keep the situation peaceful. Sheik advises Osman to attempt once again on the grounds that his fantasy is too enormous. Umur says that he remains nothing except losing hope and that is the reason they will move. Malhun objects to her father but can’t alter his perspective. Umur goes to converse with Sheik that evening and reveals to him that he thinks twice about it. Umur says he will leave this land on account of his mistake, but Sheik stops him. Edebali says that it is exceptionally simple to leave everything and move, but it is hard to remain and battle with the enemies.
Umur assaults Togay with his blade, however he can’t slaughter him. Togay will try to kill Umur by utilizing just his hands. Togay takes Umur’s blade in his grasp, however Osman stops him when he is going to execute him. Osman says that Umur is as yet under his own insurance and in this way no one but he can rebuff him. Togay objects to him, yet Osman takes Umur from that point and goes.

Umur says thanks to Osman on his way back to the tribe. Osman says he won’t permit the Mongols to slaughter a Turkish Bey. Umur says that from this point forward he won’t remain against Osman and even help him. Umur asks Osman how he realizes he will meet with Togay. Osman tells that he got information along with Kumral Abdal. Umur and Osman at that point get back to the plain. Umur welcomes Osman to his tent and reveals to Malhun that he planned to meet Togay. Umur says that Osman saved him and starts discussing about the coming time. Osman says that no one will emigrate and the Turks will remain together.
What will be the next move of the Gehatu? What will Nikola do next? How Osman keep the Umer save from the Gehatu’s attack? What will be the problems created in Osman’s marriage? To answers of the quries keep watching Kurulus Osman season 2

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