Kurulus Osman Episode 54Urdu

In episode fifty three of Kuruluş Osman, Osman leaves the room with Umar and learns the reality from him. Meanwhile, Dúndár moves into the grand piano and overhears their conversation. Osman then rushes to leave the wing and orders his troops to deliver Dúndár. Osman discovers that Dúndár has entered the wing and searches the building, but Dúndár secretly escapes. Realizing that Osman has discovered the traitor, Umar sends Malhun to the Kayi plain. Osman orders all gates of the metropolis to be closed. Borán goes to Petrús’s house and asks where Dúndár is. Petrús says that Osman discovered the reality around Dúndár.
Osman goes to the obvious and now calls the opposing leaders to his tent. Osman presents the hoop in his hand and tells that Ertugúl gave this ring to Dúndár. Bamsı and Savci speak about Dúndár’s first fight. Osman unexpectedly begins to mention terrible things around Dúndár, but the leaders cannot understand why he said such things. Osman says that the traitor he has been looking for for a long time is his uncle Dúndár. Osman tells about all the betrayal that Dúndár has committed and says that the troops are looking for him everywhere. While Nikólá Kalanoz explains the use of the tunnels under the Sogut, Dúndár involves the donjan.
Osman says that Hezal knows which Dúndár is in, but Hezal opposes it. After Hezal has left the tent, Borán comes and tells that they could not discover Dúndár in Sogut. Sımón tells Petrús that Dúndár went to the donjan because Osman discovered some of his betrayals. Petrús thinks Hezal can talk to Osman and calls for her to be killed now. The next day Balá takes Hezal to Sogut and asks her to help the soup kitchen. Hezal goes to love Petrús and asks them which Dúndár is in.
Petrús says that Dúndár went to Nikólá’s donjan. Hezal asks how Osman found out who became the traitor, but she cannot get an answer. While Hezal thinks Dúndár has left the whole thing in the back and fled, Petrús tells her the whole thing is already deliberate and tells Hezal where to go. When Hezal goes to the rally, Petrús tries to kill her. Osman and the troops avoid Sımón. Osman arrests all people and takes them to the obvious. Osman tells everyone that the traitor is obvious Dúndár and that the people he has arrested are going with him. All Kayis are very surprised at this news. Aygul discovers that her father may be a traitor and is extremely upset. Aygul then tells Osman that Dúndár must die because he is a traitor.
Dúndár begins to disarm to protect himself and says that he has done everything to keep the peace on this land. Nikólá explains that Dúndár can live within the donjan as long as he calls and sends for Gunduz. Later, Umar goes to the donjan to talk about commercial business topics, but Nikólá asks him to give 10,000 gold money for Dúndár. Umar then visits Osman and tells him the quantity Nikólá is asking for. Umar calls out to help Osman win his friendship, but Osman most conveniently asks him to get out of the way.
Nikólá tells Kalanoz a way to attack Sogut that night and asks him to commit obvious murder. Osman calls the leaders and tells them that Nikólá is asking for 10,000 gold. While the leaders discuss this, Osman asks them what he has executed before. Osman says he will not deliver gold to Nikólá, nor will he leave Dúndár within the donjan. Osman then visits Sımón and Petrús and tells them what they can do to get Dúndár out of the donjan.


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