Kurulus Osman Episode 51 Urdu and English

Kuruluş Osman may be a Turkish historical drama series, created by Mehmet Bozdağ and starring Burak Özçivit. It focuses on the lifetime of emir, founding father of the Ottoman Empire. it’s the sequel to Diriliş: Ertuğrul, which centers on the lifetime of Ertuğrul, Osman’s father, played by Engin Altan Düzyatan.
In Kuruluş Osman episode 50, Tögaay says that she wants to kill Osman completely. Petrös says that Lord Nikolà will support Tögaay during this matter. Osman asks Bala to cure Malhön. Meanwhile, Hazel comes and says that Osman cares lots about Malhön. Osman tells what Tögaay did to the opposite Bey on the plain. Osman says Nikolà will form an alliance with Tögaay after his return from Constantinople. Jarkutày follows the trail within the forest and finds some Mongolian troops. Aigal and therefore the troops attack the Mongolian troops within the forest. Jarkutày sees his friend Savçi and tells them to not kill him.
Ḑundar says he shouldn’t do any secret actions for a long time, but Petrös says Nikolà has returned from Constantinople and can soon form an alliance with Tögaay. Meanwhile, Nikolà arrives in Inagöl and orders all the lords to send their troops to attack Sögut. Nikolà says that the emperor has sent an outsized army under the command of Kàlanooz and can attack Sögut with this army when Osman is on the brink of attack Inagöl. Jarkutày takes Savçi to the plain and Osman questions him to seek out out where Tögaay is. Tögaay goes to Inagöl Castle. Nikolà says he will do anything to kill Osman and support Tögaay. Tögaay says he will let Nikolà live to tell the tale condition that he uses the Byzantine troops and leaves.
Osman goes to Umar’s tent and tells him about his plan. Umar asks him how long he will wait. That night, Jarkutày secretly enters the tent where the prisoner was and attacks the troops on your guard. Jarkutày tells Savçi that he has come to pay off his debt and frees him. Jarkutày and Savçi run away together. Osman finds out what Jarkutày did the subsequent day and realizes that he has lied to everyone. Ḑundar says that the traitor among them is Jarkutày which is why they need problems for an extended time. Later, Aigal arrives and finds out what Jarkutày has done. Aigal tells everyone what Jarkutày said the day before.
Bamsi cannot understand why Jarkutày betrayed him. Osman says he will find the traitor and provides the required punishment. While Jarkutày is angry for betraying the Turks, Savçi tells him to travel to Tögaay and that they get together. Savçi ends up in the Mongolian base of Jarkutày within the forest. Jarkutày says he did everything to induce Balgaày’s revenge on Osman. Jarkutày takes them to an area with the Turks to realize Tögaay’s trust. Mongol troops attack the Turks, but this can be Osman’s trap. Osman and also the troops take their swords and kill all the Mongols. Osman says Tögaay will meet Nikolà for the new troops.
Osman tells the troops that using your mind in warfare is as important as employing a sword. Malhön gets obviate the soldier who followed her and goes alone to Inagöl Castle. Malhön says she wants to capture Tögaay, but Nikolà asks her what she will be able to throw in the towel exchange for her. Meanwhile, Tögaay arrives at the castle. Osman attacks Lord Aris and kills his troops. Gunduz grabs Aris and ties his hands. Malhön suddenly attacks Tögaay, but Tögaay stops her. A Byzantine soldier tells Nikolà that Osman has captured Aris. Nikolà says they will catch Osman using Malhön and stops Tögaay. Osman and his troops return to the plain. Osman orders Aris to be taken to the tent and learns that Malhön has done something secret.
Ḑundar becomes increasingly uncomfortable with what Osman did. Osman goes to his tent and asks everyone to return out. Osman eliminates the knife and cuts the strings from Aris’s hand. Aris is incredibly surprised by this case and starts taking note of Osman. Later, Osman starts eating with Aris. Osman starts talking about trade and asks what quantity tax Nikolà receives from traders. Osman tells Aris that if he stops working with Nikolà, he will let him live and can also make a replacement deal with him. Meanwhile, Tögaay arrives alone on the plain. Osman comes out of his tent and asks Tögaay why he came.

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