Kurulus Osman Episode 39 with Urdu and English Subtitles

The Kurulus Osman Episode 39 and 38th episode of Krulus Osman starts from the conversation between Bala Khatun and Turgan Khatun. Previously, Bala Khatun suspected her and followed her to the jungle. Where she caught Turgan who told her everything.
With the help of his alps, Osman Bey fights against Falyatus. Falyatus was about to kill Osman when Yavlak Arslan intervened and stopped him from doing so, by saying, ‘I will kill Osman.’’ His alps attack and take everything in control. In the very next move, Osman holds his sword at Falyatus but Yavlak hits him making Osman unconscious for a while.

Yavlak Arslan

Then, he hits Falyatus too and asks his men to take him and tell Nikola that he has not gone against his words. Afterward, Osman wakes and attacks Yavlak Arslan. He was about to kill Yavlak when Yavlak admitted that he repents for his sins. This made Osman lower his sword and they planned to kill Geyhatu. Falyatus hides behind bushes and listens to this whole plan.
Ertugrul became conscious and requested Abdul Rehman not to tell anyone about his recovery. He wanted to know what was happening around him. Savchi and Gunduz also had a hard conversation on the appointment of the next head of the tribe.

Seljan Khatun

Aygul, Seljan Khatun, and others came to know about the dinner arranged for the respectful people of the tribe with the purpose of decision of the next head. Seljan Khatun and Bala Khatoon oppose this meeting. Savchi goes to Bamsi Bey to convince him that Osman is not suitable to be elected as the head.

Besides these all happenings, Nikola calls Turgan to say he wants her to kill Osman Bey. Turgan told everything to Suljan Khatoon and with her permission, she met Nikola. Guncha Khatun and Aygul Khatun sent after her. She tells everything on returning to Seljan Khatun.
Falyatus briefs Nikola about the Gehatu’s assassination conspiracy planned by Yavlak and Osman. Nikola himself goes to Geyhatu to warn him about Yavlak’s plan. Gehatu gives him a letter to be delivered to IYI about the announcement of war if they do not step back. Nikola hands this letter to Falyatus.


Moreover on the other side, Yavluk pretends to the Mangol that he has brought Jarkotoy and Osman to offer them to Geyhatu. They attack the Mongols with their alps and defeat the Mangol. But, Geyhatu had already left with his special servants.
Further Falyatus goes to IYI tribe and gives them a letter by Geyhatu. Savchi addressed people that his brother has agreed to ally with the traitor Yavluk Arslan and he will fight with his brother in the hour of need. Out of nowhere, Osman Bey was seen riding towards them with his alps. He called on Savchi and the brothers were about to confront shim when Abdul Rehman warned people that Ertugrul Bey was taking his last breaths. When they all entered the tent, they saw their bey sitting in fury.

Guncha Khatun

Further what are your expectations from the next episode? Ain’t you all excited to know what will be the reaction of Ertugrul Bey. Have you watched the trailers? Will Ertugrul Bey will live or die? To know this let’s watch the Episode 39 of Kurulus Osman Season 2.

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  1. This character of ertugrul is not so good i want to look engin altan in this character so I don’t like this character.the personality of engin altan makes ertugrul series very popular, even he is not matched with yhe personality of engin altan

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