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Kurulus Osman Episode 36 Review
In Kurulus Osman Episode 36, Kurulus Osman Episode 37 gets Nikola and compromises him utilizing the light in his grasp. Nikola releases Dundar and Savci. Osman’s Alps take the detainees from the castle, and afterward Osman liberates Nikola. Osman says that Nikola pull out his soldiers and afterward explodes the black powder from the barrels.


Osman covers up in the smoke that arose after the blast and leaves the castle in the wake of murdering some Byzantine troopers. Flatyos and the soldiers follow Osman to get him. Osman stops some place in the backwoods and discusses what occurred in the Kulucahi while treating the injury on Dundar’s hand. Savci is outraged due to what Osman stated, however Osman welcomes them to the correct way indeed. Osman’s Alps set a trap on Flatyos and don’t permit them to look for Osman.

Kurulus Osman Episode 37

In that scenario, Goktug and Boran dress like Byzantine warriors during the blast in the castle and start to act in the stronghold as indicated by Osman’s mystery plan. Flatyos re-visitations of the castle and says that he fizzled on account of the snare set by Osman’s Alps. Nikola removes the order forces of Flatyos and reveals to him that he is presently nothing.


Osman meets with a white-whiskery man in the timberland and learns of Geyhatu’s arrangement. Flatyos goes to the spot of execution to bite the dust, however Nikola doesn’t slaughter him. Hazal discusses Targun getting hitched, however Selcan shields Bala. Lena re-visitations of her tent and attempts to quiet Savci. Savci says that Osman ought to have kicked the bucket when he was youthful and that he is presently considerably more hazardous. Lena says that Osman should kick the bucket some way or another.

Yavlak Arslan

In Kurulus Osman Episode 36, Savci says he won’t execute Osman. Bamsi cross investigates Cerkutay in a mystery place in the backwoods and approaches him who he is working for. Kurulus Osman Episode 37 cerkutay can’t persevere through Bamsi’s torment anymore and concedes that he is working for Yavlak Arslan. Targun covertly goes to the castle to converse with Nikola, yet Osman’s Alps see her.

Bala Meets Osman

Targun says she’s performed her responsibility and requests that her dad be delivered. Nikola blows up with Targun and says she actually needs to give knowledge. Bala meets Osman and says that Targun is a covert operative. Bala tells that Osman needs a beneficiary and permits him to wed another lady. Osman doesn’t comprehend this choice, yet Bala demands. Targun sees her dad in the château’s prison. Nikola says that if Targun doesn’t give the important data her dad will pass on, and compromises Targun. As Targun gets back from the castle to the plain, Osman stops her.


Then, Targun assaults Osman, however Osman stops her assaults. Kurulus Osman Episode 37 asks Targun for what good reason she was working with Nikola. Targun discloses to him that her dad is a detainee in Nikola’s prison and starts to tell everything. Afterward, Osman and Targun re-visitation of the plain. Bala converses with Selcan and reveals to her that she won’t have kids. Hazal tells that Targun will be Osman’s new spouse and makes an arrangement with Lena.


Gunduz communicates the message sent by Geyhatu to Osman. Geyhatu orders Osman to make a harmony with Nikola. Gunduz says that the gathering will be under Yavlak Arslan’s control and attempts to persuade Osman about harmony. Osman says that Geyhatu won’t go to the plain again and consents to arrange harmony. Kurulus Osman Episode 37 discloses to Gunduz that they ought to eat together that evening.In Kurulus Osman Episode 36, While Abdurrahman enlightens Ertugrul regarding the most recent occasions, his youngsters show up.

Kayi Family

Gunduz tells his dad that they’ll have a family supper. Osman takes his dad’s hand and mentions to him what he will do later on. Afterward, Bamsi comes and furtively reveals to Osman that they are currently prepared. That evening, the Kayi family begins to eat. Osman welcomes Targun to supper, and the present circumstance shocks everybody.


Nikola discovers that Osman will partake in the harmony arrangement and requests that Flatyos assault Osman subtly. Osman tells his family that he has thought completely and chosen to wed Targun. Bala reveals to Osman that he settled on the correct choice and supports him. Dundar invites Targun and says his great wishes.

Flatyos plans

The following day, Osman and Bala head off to some place to talk. Osman says that seeing Bala upset considerably more irritated him and attempts to comfort Bala. Bala says that she realizes Osman will assault the castle and approaches him for consent to do battle. Osman permits Bala to join the assault and requests that she be very cautious. Flatyos plans to assault Osman in the woodland and keeps on pausing.

Kayi Beys

Yavlak Arslan passes on what Geyhatu said to Kayi Beys and says that he needs harmony. Savci blows up with Yavlak Arslan due to what occurred. Before long, Nikola goes to the gathering and asks where Osman is. Yavlak says that Osman will wed Targun, and that is the reason he will go to the gathering late. Every individual who goes to the gathering keeps on sitting tight for Osman, yet meanwhile, Osman makes a move to assault the stronghold with his Alps.


After that, Before the assault, Osman petitions Allah before everybody and requests His assistance. Osman at that point gives a discourse to energize his Alps and decides to vanquish the Byzantium castle. Dundar understands that Osman won’t go to the gathering and requests him to be found as quickly as time permits. Bamsi bey sees Osman doing battle and takes an interest in the assault.

Byzantine soldiers

Boran gives bogus data to the Byzantine soldiers in the Kulucahisar and sends them inside the castle. Helen attempts to stop the troopers attempting to enter the castle, yet Boran secures the Byzantium soldiers a room. Nikola says he can’t bear it anymore and turns out to be more forceful. Savci and Gunduz pointedly caution Nikola once more. Immediately, Nikola derides the position of Savci, and Savci assaults him before everybody.

Goktug Murders

Goktug murders the warriors at the entryway of the castle and attempts to open it. Boran attempts to shield Goktug from the castle’s divider, however Byzantine toxophilite twisted him with innumerable bolts. Goktug opens the entryway energetically for Osman, and Osman enters with his Alps.

In Episode 37

Kurulus Osman is awe inspiring story of wonder of a Turk who set down establishment of Ottomon realm that was biggest state till the twentieth century. Osman was child of Ertugrul and Halima Sultan. In this series there is a breif story of his battles and struggles in making the Kayi clan to a great Ottoman Empire.

Hazal and Lena

In Kurulus Osman Episode 37, Osman Bey and his Alps finelly conquered Kulucahisar. Goktug got injured while opening the castle’s door. The peace Negotiations between Nikola and Turks failed because Osman doesn’t come there. Osman leaves Bamsi in the Castle and Came back to plain. While Osman and Bala are contending, Selcan comes and says that Ayaz was murdered.

Kumral Abdal

Savci discloses to Osman that Flatyos murdered Ayaz. Savci is desirous of Osman’s prosperity, yet Dundar says they can pick another Bey before Ertugrul kicks the bucket. The following day, Hazal and Lena offer endowments to Targun for the wedding. Selcan prompts Targun. Nikola goes to Geyhatu’s tent and mentions to him what occurred. Gunduz says that Savci ought not battle Osman any longer and supports his dad regardless. Osman catches Yavlak and his troopers.

Kumral Abdal

Kumral Abdal brings Cerkutay and hands him over to Osman. Targun gets a mystery message from the government agent, however Aygul sees it and assaults her. Flatyos liberates Yavlak and his troopers. Yavlak Arslan says that he will be appreciative to Flatyos forever. Osman says that no one except for Allah can end the existence given by Allah

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