Kurulus Osman Episode 36 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 36 is splendid story of glory of a Turk who laid down foundation of Ottomon empire that was largest state till the 20th century. He was son of Ertughrul and Halima. In this series there is a brief story of his struggles and achievements that changed the Kayi tribe into great Ottoman Empire.

Byzantine fighters

Further in Kurulus Osman Episode 35, Byzantine fighters encompass Osman. Osman tosses his blades to the ground and permits the warriors to catch him. Byzantine Kurulus Osman Episode 36 troopers limit Osman’s options and take him to Nikola’s room. While Flatyos converses with Osman, Goktug, Boran, and Aygul assault the Byzantine warriors. As the fight proceeds in the halls of the mansion, Osman covertly cuts the rope that limits his options.


Nikola removes his blade from the fire and keeps on conversing with Osman. Further osman assaults Nikola with a little blade in his grasp and cuts him a few times. While Flatyos and the troopers attempt to go into the room, Osman escapes through the mystery section inside the chimney. Goktug and Boran shoot bolts at the Byzantine fighters from the post dividers. Aygul opens the entryway of the palace, and the Turks leave the manor. Moreover everything occurs as indicated by Osman’s arrangement. Flatyos can’t get Osman.


Byzantine troopers realizes that Nikola is going to pass on. Flatyos comes into the room and converses with Nikola. At that point Flatyos lays Nikola’s blade and the Roman banner over his body. Flatyos takes out the blade from his chest and Nikola opens his eyes. The following morning, Osman and the Alps set a snare for the Byzantine warriors following them and murder them.

Aygul Inquires

Aygul inquires as to whether Nikola is dead, yet Osman answers that he was unable to stick his blade into his heart. He says that she presently needs to battle and help Osman. Bala deals with Aygul’s infant and is disturbed that she doesn’t have an offspring. While Selcan attempts to quiet Bala down, Targun poses inquiries about Osman. Specialists treat Nikola’s injury. In spite of being harmed, Nikola talks and discloses to him that he is currently reawakened.

Nikola Swears

Nikola swears he will render his retribution on the Kayi. Osman and the Alps camp in a calm spot in the backwoods. Aygul covers the injury on her arm with no assistance.
Osman asks Aygul what happened. Aygul at long last reveals to Osman that she has a child from Alisar. Osman is enchanted to have a niece and keeps on conversing with Aygul. Aygul says that her child has no name yet. Osman stands up and tells that his nephew’s name is Kayialp.


Hazal enters Dundar’s tent and reveals to him that she will rebuff Aygul with the blade in her grasp. Dundar asks Hazal where Aygul is. In the interim, Selcan enters Dundar’s tent with Aygul’s child. Hazal says that the infant’s dad is Alisar, and Dundar is disturbed. Osman and the Alps re-visitation of the plain. Aygul mentions to everybody what she did in the palace, however Savci blows up. Osman says that he will battle each day until the individuals on the plain discover harmony.

Aygul’s child’s

Nikola gets up and tells his warriors that he is renewed. Osman goes to Selcan and proclaims that Aygul’s child’s name is Kayialp. Aygul gets off her pony and addresses her dad without precedent for quite a while.
In Kurulus Osman Episode 36, Dundar embraces Aygul and takes his grandson in his grasp. Osman and Bala go to their tents. Nikola orders Flatyos to assault Sogut with the fighters and demolish it. Kumral Abdal climbs a tree and appeals to Allah.


Further flatyos and Cerkutay see him asking in the tree, yet they keep on pushing ahead. Cerkutay asks what befallen Nikola and converses with Flatyos. Osman says he thinks Targun is a trickster and requests that Bala follow her. Boran reveals to Osman that Kumral saw Flatyos on his approach to Sogut. At the point when Yavlak educates the Savci concerning what Osman has done, Osman comes. Yavlak says that Osman broke his arrangement and Nikola was not dead.


Further osman says he can murder Nikola at whatever point he needs. Yavlak says that Nikola needs to make harmony. Gunduz says harmony talks can be risky, however, Yavlak demands that he needs to settle on a nonaggression treaty. Osman says that this non-aggression treaty is an arrangement of Nikola. In the interim, Nikola sends the liabilities from the palace to Sogut and requests that Flatyos use them. Savci shields Yavlak, yet Osman restricts them. Yavlak can’t tolerate it anymore and blows up with Osman.


Yavlak says he will assault Inegol during the harmony arrangements. Yavlak says that Nikola fears him and subsequently he can’t hurt anybody. Osman says that Inegol should be assaulted later and that Savci ought not go to harmony talks.
Targun acknowledges she is being followed and murders the Byzantine government operative to demonstrate her honesty. Targun tells Bala there is a government operative on the plain and misleads her. Savci and Dundar attempt to discuss harmony, however Nikola is awkward with their conduct and inquires as to whether they need war.


Further flatyos and spies put black powder all over Sogut. Nikola needs to make a cruel harmony bargain. Dundar needs to add a condition to the nonaggression treaty. Nikola calls his fighters and wounds Dundar in the hand. Flatyos goes to a metalworker and says he needs a fire. This metalworker is Osman and assaults Flatyos. Cerkutay places the liabilities in a motel, however Bamsi stops him before he explodes them.

Byzantine Mansion

Osman catches Flatyos however discovers that Savci and Dundar are detainees in the mansion. Dundar understands that Yavlak is lying. Nikola takes Savci and Dundar to the square of the palace to be executed before everybody. Moreover as Nikola is going to begin the death row, Osman sends Flatyos and explosive barrels to the Byzantine mansion. Osman emerges from stowing away and takes a light in his grasp. Osman says that if the Byzantine fighters accomplish something, he will explode the entire stronghold and requests that Nikola discharge the Beys.

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