Kurulus Osman Episode 35 with urdu and english subtitles

Bamsi Orders

Krulus Osman Episode 34 starts with the fight of Savchi and Osman. Kurulus Osman Episode 35 savchi being the head of alps shows Osman’s anger for not following his rules and going against him. Osman being short-tempered asks him who is going to arrest me. Savchi says he will do so. Both brothers were about to fight with swords when Bamsi orders them not to quarrel and announces in public that if they want to see the head of the alps, follow Savchi and follow Osman as a leader.



Kurulus Osman Episode 35 once again, they were about to fight when Aleena ran into them, saying that Ertugrul is about to die. All three sons rush towards their tent.
Nikola and Falyatus practice their battle-field skills, and Nikola tells Falyatus that they will use the troops sent by other Turk tribes against IYI and kill Osman anyway.
Osman and Bala discuss the behavior of Savchi and Osman. Bala blames Osman for being short-tempered and not listening to anyone in anger. Osman says that Yavluk is brainwashing his brother.

Osman Advises

Bala suggests talking with Savchi on this matter, but Osman denies it. Meanwhile, Goktug tells troops from the Turk tribe have reached the castle, and the Turkmen have imprisoned their head and are taking his daughter to kulochaisar. Osman advises Bala to stay conscious about happenings in the tribe. He, with his fellows, leaves for Kulochaisar.

Aleena and Savchi

On the other hand, Aleena and Savchi also discuss the disobedient behavior of Osman. Savchi tells Aleena that Yavluk Arslan is planning secretly with them to win the battle against Nikola. Savchi says Aleena keeps an eye on every IYI woman and notifies him of everything in the tribe.
Yavluk comes to Ertugrul’s place, and he consoles Dundar by saying Ertugrul is like a father to him. Moreover, he makes Dundar think that after Ertugrul, Dundar must take the leadership of the IYI tribe as he deserves it the most.

Turgan Khatoon

Osman attacks the troops and saves Turgan Khatoon (daughter of Inal Bey). Bamsi keeps a check on the security of IYI and motivates people for Jihad.
Nikola beams with happiness when he comes to know that Osman has saved Targun. Then there is a flashback of a secret conversation between Targun and Nikola, where they planned together that she would help Nikola fight with IYI’s even though she is Truk lady herself. Nikola says she has to assure Osman’s death or her father would die.


After saving Targun, Osman takes her to their tribe and asks Bala to serve her as a guest. Also, he is told by Goktug that they have found Jarkotoy’s location. Abdul Rehman and Bamsi express their grief over Ertugrul’s deteriorating health. Then, Osman says that he will be the next head and will do everything for their tribe. He asks for Bamsi and Abdul Rehman’s support. Here, Bamsi tells him that his brothers have gone to attend Jirga of Yavluk Arslan. This act of Osman’s brothers infuriates him to the next level.

Yavluk Arslan

Yavluk Arslan presides a Jirga and hosts all heads of the leading tribes of Turkey. People question the absence of Osman and Bamsi. Yavluk says that they want to solve the matter with peace.
Goktug and Boran were after Jarkotoy, and they had nearly got him when Falyatus comes in and takes him to Nikola. Osman goes to Yavluk Arslan’s Jirga and shows his anger for not calling Bamsi Bey there. Goktug and Boran reach their and repent on losing Jarkotoy.


Nikola asks Jarkotoy that who was after Osman in Kozgun. He shows resistance to reply. Then, Yavluk Arslan comes to meet Nikola, and they discuss their plans and secret alliance.Hazel asks Saljan why she brought Aigul back to the tribe. She was worried because she accused Aigul’s mother of poisoning the food and killed her immediately without investigation. Out of nowhere, Aigul enters, and she attacks Hazel.

Abdul Rehman

Ertugrul becomes conscious, and Abdul Rehman informs him that Gehatu was about to attack them, Osman saves Savchi, and they handed Monk to Gehatu.
Aleena makes Hazel Khatoon her friend, and she tells her that Osman has gone Kulochaisar alone and will put Savchi and Dundar Bey in trouble. Hazel says that it is better because he will be killed there, which is in their favor.

Osman’s Attack

Turgan Khatoon listens to them and informs Nikola about Osman’s attack through a letter. Nikola increases his security and takes safety measures.
Jarkotoy runs and tells Yavluk that he saved him.
Nikola and Falyatus wait for Osman, who enters through a dark channel. Soldiers surround him, and he drops his swords!

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